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The Future of Social Media for Seniors in 2020

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Shannon Mitchell

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of The Future of Social Media for Seniors in 2020

Betty Love Goodykoontz, a 101 retired school teacher wrote this poem about her experiences with the internet. As we get older, we transition into a time in our lives where we can become quite alone. Spouses and friends are passing away and family members are moving away. Seniors will become depressed from the isolation. In this technological day of age, social media plays an integral part in maintaining communication with the relationships that you have left. Social Media Social media describes the online tool or media that allows people to have a two-way conversation to share content, opinions, insights or anything else they wish. This happens on sites like; blogs, message boards, and/or podcasts. Some of these sites would include Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress. How will Social Media Affect Seniors in the Future? If seniors learn how to use social media properly now, they will retain this information as the technology advances in the later years. How will Social Media be Tailored
to Seniors in the Future? What are the Disadvantages
with Social Media and Seniors With seniors minor knowledge of the internet, they are much more vulnerable then your average user. They are less likely to be aware of the types of scams used for phishing. Sarah Lemon & Shannon Mitchell The Future of Social Media for
Seniors in 2020 Sarah Lemon and Shannon Mitchell In this presentation, we will be trying to determine what social media looks like for senior citizens now and what it will look like in the future. Social Media and Seniors Now Studies have shown that the use of the internet can decrease depression of seniors by 20%. Retirement homes are now realizing the impact social media can have on seniors and are offering classes for residents to learn the basics. Teaching them how to use sites like... Too find old friends and check up on grand kids. To be able to see you friends and family while you talk to them. Basic Email Everything from how to attach a photo to even how to look at attached photos. Seniors are becoming more tech savvy then ever before! 1996 2000 2004 2005 2006 2010 2% 15% 22% 29% 34% Triple! Seniors online over the years... Here are some examples of some seniors who are wise in their years and with the internet! Tech Savvy Seniors After the pony express we corresponded by post
Now email delivers in seconds at most!
In encyclopedias we used to get our "info"
Now the Internet tells us more than we want to know! Shura is a lady who lives in a retirement home and uses YouTube to teach other Seniors how to cook without a full kitchen. Here is 93 year old rapper who goes by the name Marion K.
Check out her rap about having all her Original Grandma Teeth! What are some tips for Seniors who want to engage in Social Media? The Top 4 Ways That Seniors Use the Internet To connect with Family. To Interact with the Government. For Retirement Planning. To Research Health Information zoomers.ca is a social media site that was created for the 55 plus crowd and has more then 6000 members. Retirement homes are creating YouTube channels to show videos about their residences and what they offer. Comfort Life is a magazine and blog that was created to help seniors and their family members to decide which retirement home to choose. There are now social media sites that are tailored specifically towards senior citizens. What are the Advantages
with Social Media and Seniors phishing |fi sh i ng |
the activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information by posing as a legitimate company : [as adj. ]
phishing exercises in which criminals create replicas of commercial Web sites. Beware of scams.

Don't fall for something too good to be true.

Maintain privacy settings.

But most of all ... ASK FOR HELP! Seniors have the ability to connect with family and friends through social media sites without having to find a way to meet them in person

Seniors have the ability to search their interests and hobbies online and connect with people who share those same interests and hobbies

They no longer need to feel isolated or lonely when they can connect to anyone they want, anywhere in the world. Gaming sites have become massive within the senior market. About 46% of the people who are playing games on the internet are at least 50 years old.
Seniors enjoy playing these games because they can interact with people, it provides them with brain stimulation and it helps provide a bridge of the generational gap. As years go on, more and more seniors will be joining social media sites, so that means more of these sites will be accommodating to the needs and wants of seniors. Seeing that the percent of seniors on the internet is rising now, it will only get higher. By year 2020, there will be more seniors online because of the people aged 45 - 50 that are online now. Those people will already by tech savvy and will be able to adapt to the innovations of technology to come. The Future of Social Media
and Seniors Do you remember when this video went viral? Let's watch the Huffman's try to understand how to work their webcam.
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