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Smoking and the Respiratory System

No description

Megan Fedorvich

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Smoking and the Respiratory System

Smoking and the Respiratory System Chemicals that are listed in Tobacco Products Benzene 5.9 to 75 micrograms 1,3-Butadiene 152 to 400 micrograms Hydrazine 32 micrograms Acetaldehyde 980 micrograms Cadmium 1.7 micrograms causes addiction damages nervous system highly toxic toxic Effects of Females Effects on Males Erectile disfunction High blood pressure Smoking decreases ejaculation volume and sperm density. Causes difunctioning ovaries. Infertility and early menopause Abnormal menstrual patterns and discharge, and increased pain. technologies that help to quit Nicotine Patch Smoking while pregnant is the same as letting your child smoke Effects on organs Can cause cancer of the bladder, heart disease, and disfuctioning reproductive systems. Effects Long Term Short Term Dizzines, higher blood pressure, decrease of physical endurance

Heart disease, cancer, infertility, discoloration of teeth Why people Smoke Culture Peer Pressure Example Pill
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