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on 24 July 2016

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What do we mean by Support System of the Arts?
What are the different types of institutions, organizations and platforms?
Educational Institutions such as school and universities offer formal artictic training and grant degrees upon completion of an academic program at the tertiary or post-graduate level.
A National Artist named Leonor Orosa Goquingco created the Filipinescas Dance Troupe.
Frank Rivera formed the Sining Kambayoka Theater Group.
What is Visual Arts?
Sungdu-an - a series of cross-regional effort that began in 1996 comprising of travelling exhibitions, consultations, and curatorial workshops. It is supported by NCCA.

Some artworks exhibited in 2005 Art Exhibition
Soil Paintings by Talandaig
Terracota Figures of Rallyist by Kiri Dalena

What is a festival?
- a mode of exhibition that is transitory and participatory, closely related to relegion, ritual, culture and tourism.
Other Supports:
Foundation and Corporations
Social Media

Support systems affect the art is produced, encountered and valued. As such, their workings are intrinsically linked with issues of access and power.

Performance Task
in Arts
What Support Systems facilitate the production or distribution of art?
Support systems can be government-initiated, community or municipality-based, privately supported, university-oriented, artist-run, or internet-based. It can also be combination of these.
Collectives and artist organizations are composed of individuals who share similar or related practices. They are committed to experiment and develop their particular forms.
Organizationsns can also emphasize their regional affiliation.
PHSA (Philippine High School for the Arts)
Casa San Miguel
PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association)
Today, Philippine Dance has taken on a chameleon -like identity.
Visual Arts are type of arts that can be seen by our eyes like paintings, sketches, drawings etc.
In visual arts, museums are traditionally based on a collection of objects
What are Museums?
A large building or establishment where historic objects are preserved. We can also find art galleries and ethnographic collections inside.
The functions of the museum often revolve around education. Such institutions have the power to impart concepts about what makes-up a community or nations or notions of contemporary art as it presents curated exhibitions.
NCCA (National Commission for culture and the Arts)
Contemporary Art exhibitions need not be confined within the "White Cube".

White Cube- Refering to white-walled closed spaces of galleries in common art world usage.

Exhibition can take place in alternative spaces, or the outdoors, in public spaces within a limited period of time.
Festivals of contemporary art in some ways have appropriated the protocols of festivals in order to link art more closely to everyday life.
Example of Festival is the Neo-Anggono
Public Art Festival.
Builduings, Streets and waterways
are used during public festivals.
Art Fairs - Are short-term events where several galleries exhibit and sell artwork in one large venue.
Contest and Awards encourage artist to create new work, keep pursuing their practice and recognize outstanding artistic achievements based on a certain criteria.
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