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Money & Wealth in Huck Finn

No description

Meredith Cuilla

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Money & Wealth in Huck Finn

"We got six thousand dollars a piece--all gold. It was an awful sight of money when it was piled up" -page 1
Example 3
“Here, I’ll put a twenty-dollar gold piece on this board, and you get it when it floats by.”- Page 91
Example 2
"The nigger run off the very night Huck Finn was killed. So there's a reward out for him- three hundred dollars" - page 57
Money & Wealth in
Huck Finn

All through Huck Finn there are different economic levels showing the money influence in the 1800's.
Example 4
“I told him I had an old slick counterfeit quarter that warn’t no good because the brass showed through the silver a little, and it wouldn’t pass no how, even if the brass didn’t show, because it was so slick it felt greasy, and so that would tell on it every time.” Page 17
Example 1
Example 5
Example 6
Example 7
Example 8
Example 9
Example 10
Example 11
Example 12
“Well, I reckon! There’s two hundred dollars reward on him. Its like picking up money out’n the road.” Page 211

“They had big brass dog-irons that could hold up a saw-log. There was a clock on the middle of the mantelpiece, with a picture of a town painted on the bottom half of the glass front, and a round place in the middle for the sun, and you could see the pendulum swinging behind it.” Page 100

“It had a picture of a runaway nigger with a bundle on a stick over his shoulder, and “$200 reward” under it.” Page 134

“For one night only, On account of imperative European engagements! Admission 25 cents; children and servants, 10 cents.” Page 138

“THE ROYAL NONESUCH!! Admission 50 cents.”
Page 150

“I tucked the money-bag under the lid, just down beyond where his hands was crossed, which made me creep, they was so cold, and then I run back across the room and in behind the door.” Page 179

“I had considerable money, so I gave him ten cents, but begged him to spend it for something to eat, and give me some, because it was all the money I had, and I hadn’t had nothing to eat since yesterday.” Page 216

"Morgan Hill police, working with the U.S. Secret Service to investigate a recent rash of counterfeit bills, arrested a man on Tuesday on suspicion of making phony $10 and $20 bills in a motel room, a police spokesman said."

A person in Morgan Hill was wanted for using counterfeit money. It is said that the money was used in various stored around Santa Clara County. The wanted man, Daniel Richards, was found with about $700 in counterfeit bills. After they raided his taxi, they went to his hotel room and found another $300 dollars along with the equipment to make the bills. Many of the fake money was made in his hotel room and thoughtnto be spread to his friends. When the money was spread on the floor and looked at closely, it all had the same serial number.
“And there’s a reward out for old Finn, too—two hundred dollars.” Page 57
The California Gold Rush
Harriet Tubman was a famous abolitionist that helped thousands slaves escape their owners. She moved them to the north through the underground railroad. While she was doing this the slave owners put a bounty on her head. They were fed up with all her acts and did the best they could to stop her. Harriet Tubman was never stopped, but just grew too old to help anymore. But her legacy lived on until slavery was finished. Because of her, slaves began to gain confidence, and pride and made sure they weren't treated the same after that.
The California Gold Rush happened in the year 1848 when a man struck gold while building his saw mill. This discovery caused men to move from all over the country to gather gold and become rich. Many people were successful, but it had very many risks. It also provided a lot of reward. The west became more populated after this gold rush. The population jumped from about 1,000 people to 100,000 people. California became full of men that moved their entire family to find gold. The amount of gold began to taper off in the 50's and people began to spread across the Midwest.
"Lionsgate’s hotly anticipated sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire trounced the competition over its first weekend at the box office, pulling in an estimated $161.1 million."

The MTV show Cribs is a program that goes around to famous people's houses and tours the house. The show gives you an inside view of the lifestyle various people live. Cribs also shows the various things people have, like an indoor bowling alley or exotic cars. Most of the houses are very expensive and lock ed away on private land.
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