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The Ocean

No description

Natalie Ritchey

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of The Ocean

The Ocean
The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves,
Beneath them there is none.
The awful spirits of the deep
Hold their communion there;
And there are those whom we weep.
The young, the bright, the fair.
The meaning of
The Ocean
is that the surface is a terrifying view but underneath it is calm; it is a graveyard for the people it as swallowed. Almost as if its apologizing for their death by giving them a peaceful place to rest.
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote this poem in remembrance of the soldiers in the Navy. He speaks about how their bodies are at last at sea and even though their families weep for them, the ocean provides a pure grave for their bodies.
Gothic Principles
The Ocean
has Gothic Principles such as a dark and dreary setting, it also represents a strong presence of death in how the ocean is a graveyard.
Literal Meaning
American Gothic poetry
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Calmly the wearied seamen rest
Beneath their own blue sea.
The ocean solitudes are blest,
For there is purity.
The earth has guilt, the earth has care,
Unquiet are its graves;
But peaceful sleep is over there,
Beneath the dark blue waves.

Poetic terms
Natalie Ritchey, Trenton Sneed, Madison Flynn
Hawthorne speaks of how the ocean has such a harsh appearance on the surface, but down below the surface, it is a peaceful world of its own. The tone is solemn and calm, with hints of fear. But there is an overwhelming sense of comfort. Just as a graveyard seems frightening to some, but all in all is a resting place for our bodies to be at peace.
The Ocean is like a grave. It takes peoples live, but it isn't a bad place. It is a quiet and peaceful realm.
Rhyme Schemes: ABAB Ex: Stanzas 2&4, 5&7, 6&8, 9&11.
"The Ocean has its silent caves,
Deep, quiet, and alone;
Though there be fury on the waves."
The poem shifts in the beginning of the second stanza when it becomes less frightful and more comforting.
The poem is a Sonnet because of its regular rhyme scheme and its 16 lines.
Imagery: Lines 10, 16 Personification:Lines 3,13 Symbolism: Line 9 Alliteration: Line 7 Allusion: Line 5 9
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