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Character Types

No description

Scott Dellosso

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Character Types

All characters in a story will fall into one OR MORE of the following categories:

STOCK Dynamic Characters Static Characters Character Types Round Characters -Usually the main character/protagonist
will be round
-Complex, realistic, and well-developed
-Frequently possesses both good and bad traits
-The reader learns a lot about him/her -Characters who go through a significant
change throughout the story
-Usually it is the values or morals of
the character that changes... -A static character remains basically unchanged throughout
the work.
-Can be main characters or supporting characters, as long as no change in them occurs. Can you think of some examples
from novels/stories you have read
this year? What character from
"Flowers for Algernon"
would you consider round? Charlie Gordon Flat Characters -A flat character is someone
who is characterized by only one
or two traits.
-Someone who is able to be
described in one sentence or less
-The character is not well-
developed... i.e. the reader does
not know them very well What are some
examples from
television or
movies? What characters from
"Flowers for Algernon"
could we consider flat
characters? Dr. Nemur
Dr. Strauss
Miss Kinnian A dynamic character usually cannot
also be a flat character. Why? Is anyone
"Star Wars"? Emperor Palpatine Han Solo Anakin Skywalker Princess Leia Which of these characters is a great example of a dynamic character?
WHY? What examples can
you think of from
novels/stories you
have read this year? What characters from
"Flowers for Algernon"
would be considered dynamic? Charlie
Joe Carp
Frank Reilly -A character in a story who follows
typical patterns or stereotypes
-A type of character that appears in many
stories Stock Characters -Using a short story/novel
you have read this year,
give an example of a main
character that has remained
static. What characters from
"Flowers for Algernon"
are static? Fanny Girden, Miss Flynn, Dr. Strauss, Dr. Nemur The Old Lady.... very kind, but frail
The Punk Kid... rebellious, young, male
The Secretary... quiet, woman, typist
The Handsome Prince...perfect, noble, loved by many Can you think of a
stock character from
a novel or story you
read this year? Can you think of a
stock character from
"The Lady or the Tiger"? The Young Man who loved the princess...

"...he was handsome and brave..."

(sarcastically) "...never before had
a subject dared to love the daughter
of a king." Character Type Posters Think of your favorite novel you have read so far this year. Choose a partner who has read the same novel. You will create a poster that will include the following:
-Book title and author- this should be very prominent on the poster
-A different character from the book that fits each description of round, flat, dynamic, static, and stock characters. The complete name should be followed by a written description of why that character fits that character type.
-A symbol or picture drawn or glued to the poster for each character.
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