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informative speech

No description

Breanna Appling

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of informative speech

Non-verbal (Physical Abuse)
Verbal Abuse
Victims often realize the dangers of their situation after its to late; the dynamic between the abuser and abused is strategically created to discourage the victims to acknowledge or address the problem
Closing Remarks
3 Major Signs
Headline 4
Verbal Abuse- according to the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence 22% of college women report being verbally abused.
Tone: using an aggressive tone also falls under verbal abuse.

Physical Abuse- the most common sign of sexual assault is physical abuse.
Threatening body language: lunging, forceful movement, or invading your personal space,
Damaging Property: i.e breaking furnisher
Violence: forcefully grabbing; blanton hitting
Monday, June 15, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Domestic and sexual violence on college campuses?
State of Emergency
Headline 5
Did you know that every 21 hours a student is a victium of sexual assault on a college campus and about 95% of these assault go unreported. Accordng to Washington post 61.9% of sexual abuse are by intimate partners or someone they know. The main reason why a lot of these assaults go unreported is because many students can not identify the many signs of inappropriate behavior, and afraid of betraying their partner. There are three major signs of a domestic and sexual violence verbal abuse, non-verbal abuse, and abuse through technology. Realizing these warning signs before the situation gets out of hand can save a life.
Multi Media- According to safehorizon.org social media has been a major outlet for abusers to be identified.
Informative Speech
Threats: "if you don't.....I will....."
Language Choice: Statements can transform into insults by the choice of words ( i.e swearing or name calling)
Photos: when your partner puts up glorifying photographs on the internet that is a major sign of abuse.

Name Calling through social media
Lack of Privacy: Your partner may check and monitor your email, or your other social media accounts.
Sexual assault is an umbrella term used to describe a very wide range of forced and unwanted sexual activity by another person of multiple people. It is extremly important for young adults to recognize warning signs of a problematic relationship and situation that could lead to domestic and sexual assault.
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