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THE MAZE - 59500

Available at Prezzip.com. The Maze prezi template. Guide your audience through the maze. Make decisions and take the right turn. You are the guide.

Your Prezis

on 2 July 2017

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Transcript of THE MAZE - 59500

Many of us who have begun the Gluten Free Journey feel like we are stuck in a bit of a maze. After all we’re still recovering from having our bodies whacked out and still have a lot of questions.
Low Blood Pressure
Gluten Containing Foods
That cause:
Not Feeling Your Best?
The good news is that if you still aren’t feeling your best there is likely a very good reason. The fact is that many of the Gluten Free Flours we’ve opted for when we choose or even make a non-gluten bread aren’t the best for our health. One way you can remember what to avoid is to use the acronym
G - Glycemic
A great achievement!
You have reached your destination.
Thank you for watching!
Many more templates available at:
The Maze prezi template. Guide your audience through the maze. Make decisions and take the right turn. You are the guide.
GI Distress
Brain Fog
Even if you aren’t suffering from
Metabolic Dysfunction
But could it be that gluten is actually
only PART of the Problem?
One mistake gluten free dieters make is not thinking about the glycemic load people are putting on their body. It is commonly understood that if you expose your body to the up and downs of high carbs foods enough, you will become a diabetic. So really try to
Sweet Rice Flour
A - Arsenic
There are certainly other high glycemic flours one should avoid, and breads made with Brown Rice or
Brown Rice Syrup
Arsenic, which is now being commonly found in brown rice, causes
Cancer of the Kidneys,
Cancer of the Kidneys, Lungs, Bladder, and Skin
(and damages chromosomes for good measure). It’s one thing if arsenic occurs in small doses in one’s food or water, but even watchdog groups like have found up to
90x Beyond Legal Limit Allowed
the arsenic in some popular gluten-free products that is allowed in our drinking water. So stay away from gluten free foods made with brown rice. After all, chronic arsenic exposure – even at very
Low Level Exposure
Can lead to:
Brain Fog
Digestive Issues
that you get with gluten in the first place.
It’s sad that when we hear gluten free, many of us also think GMO. This is because many of the big companies who were happy to feed us 100x the gluten that used to be our bread are the same companies offering “gluten free” products. So while they weren’t too concerned about the cross breeding that led to the extra gluten in the first place, they still aren’t concerned that the bread they are making is filled with genetic mutations and pesticides that have been linked to
and a whole host of inflammatory and autoimmune issues.
Autoimmune Disorders
and a whole host of inflammatory and autoimmune issues.
Main perpetrators here include
Soy and Corn Derivatives
But one should also be aware that glyphosate (ie the hormone disruptor Roundup to same problems as GMOs) is also sprayed on crops such like
Oats and Edible Beans
right before harvest.
A - Allergies
For many gluten free foods, it’s not just soy, and corn, that cause allergic reactions.
Beet Derivatives,
Anaphylatic Shock, and Danger of Death
First, one can have a primary allergy to almonds after repeated exposure. This sensitization has the potential to cause a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction like
High in PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids)
impair digestive enzymes Impairs Digestion,
Autoimmune Disorders
and a whole host of inflammatory and autoimmune issues.
which includes breathing difficulty. There is also a secondary allergy to almonds can be caused because of an allergy to birch pollen. These types of reactions are usually mild and include
Itching or Swelling in Mouth.
isn't really ideal as a flour for other reasons, including its being
Cottonseed Oil and
Canola Oil
are also found in many
non-gluten foods. The problem usually comes when these are GMO, but
Even Some Organic Flours from Almonds or Flax
can cause issues.
Slow down Metabolism,
Worsen Inflammation,
encourage inflammatory
Depletes Antioxidants,
Disrupts Hormones
So women in particular, if they overuse almond flour, can expect extra
Weight Gain,
Aggravated PMS
with Hormonal Acne.
associated with CELIAC DISEASE, you still want to avoid the
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