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Gandhi Movie Presentation

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jordan faubert

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Gandhi Movie Presentation

Gandhi 1982 Biography of Mahatma Gandhi This movie follows Gandhi through his life goal of achieving equality for his people and independence for his country This movie takes place in a very historically accurate India and South Africa, both under British control, as well as one scene taking place in London, England Plot & setting Everything typed in yellow was something that would have been stated fairly obviously in the movie Everything typed in blue was either not stated in the movie or something that would have been hinted by something in the movie Legend Family Background and Childhood Gandhi was born in a small town on the North-West cost of India. He was the youngest child in his family that was quite wealthy. His family owned many houses in the area, they could also afford good healthcare and education.
At the age of 18 Gandhi moved to England to study law. upon his completion of his schooling Gandhi returned to India for a year to practice law for a year before moving to South Africa to assist in a case there South Africa key events the movie picks up with Gandhi on a train traveling to the city in South Africa where the case he is working on takes place, he was given first class tickets for the train and is told that first class is only for white people when he refuses to leave first class he is forced off the train by a police officer. Gandhi spends 20 year in South Africa trying to achieve equality for Indian people. Return to India key events upon Gandhi's return to India he was already considered a hero to the Indian people At the end of World War 1 Gandhi makes a speech at the Indian National Congress and was considered a nobody by the audience and everybody starts leaving, which the reality is Gandhi was a national hero far before this speech Amritsar Massacre There was stated in the movie that there was 1 516 casualties which is historically accurate, 379 killed and 1 137 injured but survived. The British soldiers were armed with 2 machine guns and 50 rifles not just rifles as in the movie Salt March Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi was assassinated on January 30th, 1948, at the Birla House, that has since become the museum of Mahatma Gandhi. He was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. this was the fourth assassination attempt on Gandhi. Godse was a Hindu extremist that blamed Gandhi for the separation of India and Pakistan. Historical Accuracy 5 out of 5 Entertainment Value 4 out of 5
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