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nanodegree support

No description

Annie Wang

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of nanodegree support

Nanodegree Support
how can we help you?
1. Identify your question. Is it...
about Udacity courses or the nanodegree program?
about something you're learning?
about YOUR project?
about what happens after you finish the nanodegree?
about something else?
As a nanodegree student at Udacity, you have a lot of ways to ask for help, and a lot of people to help you! This guide will show you where to go to have your content, program, and career development questions answered.
Career Development Questions
Where to get your questions answered
None of
the Above
Office Hours
Our coaches answer questions about the nanodegree program
every Wednesday! If you can't tune in, ask your question in
the Q&A box of the Hangout On Air ahead of time and watch it afterward!
udacity website
See if your question has been answered on...
The nanodegree homepage
The nanodegree program overview
The course dashboard
The Udacity FAQ
Hundreds of students in your cohort are asking and answering questions on Piazza every day! Instructors are also present to check answers and provide insights.
Office Hours
Get your course and project questions answered on air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Videos are available if you can't make the live broadcast.
1:1 Appointments
Meet with a coach one-on-one to talk over questions specific to YOUR project! This is the time to address your progress, troubleshoot code, and get your technical questions answered.
Your fellow students can also help you answer your coding questions questions quickly! Then, return the favor by helping another student with their code!
Piazza has a dedicated career development tag! Click on the "career_development" folder at the top of the page to see the latest information about upcoming events, advice from the Udacity team, and questions from fellow students!
Career Development Events
You have access to a series of exclusive webinars and events developed specifically for nanodegree students! We bring in experts from all over to help you build your LinkedIn profile, fine-tune your resume & portfolio, and make sure that you are interview-ready!

Watch live with Hangouts On-Air, or watch later on our Google+ Community!
email support@udacity.com
If your question doesn't fall under any of the other categories, send us an email and we'll get you the answers you need!
The "Resources" link on the Piazza top bar contains a lot of important info: the Student Handbook, project deadlines, office hours schedule, style guides, and student groups by location! Make sure you tab through every page.
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