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Future Technology

About Future Technology

Lashaun Greenaway

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology Transport Cars Alot of companies are planning to make new, futuristic cars that will be usefull in the future most companies are even changing their names to suit their new requirments. future car technology include new materials and sources which are being made to improve new transport e.g more sustainable, safer, less polution and more energy efficient. Electric buses may soon be the next thing. They aren't just environmently friendly but would have a good role in the future for the citizens. Electric Buses of the future will be run on battery power. Putting motors in the wheels of the buses which will place it closer to the ground and would help with easy entry. Buses People are awaiting the moment when trains of the future arrive.
The new trains are heard to be mostly gauge trains and manglev trains. Gauge trains can run on different gauges(the space in between the two parallel tracks) in the future. The gauge trains are able to change the distance of the wheels and run on any railway. Homes Of The Future You could be waiting at the bost stop, wishing you were at home running a hot bath. Or at work cursing because you forgot to turn of the dishwasher, or even in the middle of watching an interesting movie and hoping someone would pop you some popcorn or pour you a cup of tea.
Well you wont have to worry about that. In the future you can do that with a touch of a button. In the Future LG will be aLLOWING You to make tea, turn off your dishwasher and even start a hot bath on your way home from work. Kitchens Futuristic kitchens will include gadgets for e.g embedded heating membranes, touch control panels,sound activators.
The new kitchens are planned to be safer, space saving, sophisticated and more amazing than any other. Bedrooms The Idorm (Intelligent Dormitary) will be fitted with tiny computers and sensors which will allow itself to memorise the performances of the person. It will be able to save energyfor e.g turning down the heating when the user is in th bed sleeping. And turning it back up when the person is awake. It can also learn how to awaken the person e.g opening the blinds/curtains or turning on the lights. Also it can signal to otherplaces e.g the microwave and kettle to make breakfast for the person. By Lashaun Greenaway

Thank You For Watching. =) Trains
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