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Technology Final

No description

Laura Evans

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Technology Final

Gun Control By Alexis O'Hara & Laura Evans The Right To Bear Arms What is the Actual Problem ? How can our country balance the constitutional right of gun ownership with the safety and well-being of it’s citizens? The Two Sides People are abusing the privilege of obtaining a license to obtain a gun therefore abusing other's rights

On one side people think guns are not good and we should get rid of them

On the other people are for guns and want to have them to protect themselves and others Charts As seen in this graph the more guns the more crime goes down. But.... These graphs show that there are... Thank You So we do not have one solution, but many :) Solutions For Those In Favor Of Guns Citizens 18 and older must get gun training even if they don't own a gun
Have teachers carry a concealed gun or weapon
Arm the citizens Solutions For People Who Are Against Guns Make a law that shops can only sell a certain number of guns per month
Only sell single-shot guns
Reduce violence in movies/TV/video games
Have police focus on removing guns from mobs and gangs
Don't let unstable people own guns There are many ways to fix our nation's crisis. We only named a few that we thought might help in giving people a starting point on ideas. Organizations:
NRA- National Rifle Association
GOA- Guns of America
GFA- Grenade Free America
CCRKBA- Citizens' Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Our Top 3 Choices of Best Solution Only sell single-shot guns
Reduce violence in movies/TV and video games
Citizens 18 and older must get gun training Many statistics out there concerning gun control and violence
Need to use these statistics to make a better plan for firearm control in the U.S.A. There are associations out there to help firearm control.
Since the Connecticut incident, the people have become more aware of these groups, and are trying to help.
These groups are trying to help our country stay united. This problem needs to be addressed because we might regret that we didn't do anything
These groups also help to make others aware of this situation. hi
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