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Metaphors for teaching: teacher as tour guide

Examining the role of the teacher, students and learning using metaphor.

Kate Jackson

on 10 April 2011

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Transcript of Metaphors for teaching: teacher as tour guide

But that guide knows accreditation is only the beginning. They must carefully plan for each new tour. The tour guide knows
each group may have similar
characteristics to the last but they
will have a whole set of new faces, personalities, skills and abilities to learn. and new languages but she keeps the fright at bay! the good tour guide knows natives can be powerful
allies and involves them wherever possible the good tour guide knows the group will not proceed in lockstep but paces the tour so as not to hinder those out ahead and works hard to keep any stragglers up with the pack to avoid the feeling of herding the proverbial she shows the group how to deal with new and sometimes frightening challenges the tour guide helps the group aim for the stars but never neglets the basics the tour guide knows that today she is showing her group around a foreign city, but also she is helping to build active, confident future travellers, ready to use what she showed them to tackle their future. She will show the group how to navigate their way around a new city. and has eyes in the back of her head she can make new places come alive A good tour guide has studied hard
and reached accreditation
Introducing new sights and concepts
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