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No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of Onboarding

New Employee Onboarding
noun (mainly us)

1. The induction and assimilation of a new employee into a company or an organization.
The types of problems that keep us thinking about work when we are not supposed to be...
Inconsistent onboarding experience.
Missed cultural opportunities
Mission Statement
Blurred Vision on Expectations
Set the Tone
HOW we work
Limited view of resources
Clarity on purpose and impact
Culture eats strategy for breakfast
The money and the VALUE
Who: Leadership engaged with the topics via video or live.

When: Quarterly- TBD

Where: Spokane, Missoula, Portland, Billings and TBD
Operational Excellence
Employee Recognition
Handbook Highlights
Expense Reinbursement
Leadership Structure
Client Testimonials
Community Examples and Initiatives
Recruiting and Development
PayneWest University
Undergraduate Program
Service Training
Service Meetings
Career Paths
Performance Assessments

Growth Culture
Overview of Specialty Divisions for all lines
Client Services / Resources
PayneWest Vision
Performance Assessments*
Service Mastery*
Service Meetings*
Career Paths*
* Addresses Growth and Recruiting and Development
Do it right the first time...always

2014 & 2015- 17% of our new hires left within 12 mos at PayneWest.
Approximately 50% of those disclosed reason as a better opportunity. (About 7-8/year)
Another 15 +/- year leave with only 1-3 years tenure with the firm.
Each loss costs approximately 30k
30k * 7.5 = $225k/Year
Does not include costs for those 1-3 years (another 5-8/year)
Value of : Cultural improvement, Morale, Reputation

Goal: Cut loss of employees 0-3 years in half. Hard cost savings of $180,000 (6 employees saved). + Increased value in Culture, Morale, and Reputation.

Cost of the Program: Average number of new hires each month 7
 Average quarterly class size 21
 Travel $500
 Motel $250 (2 nights)
 Meals person/class $125
 Total $875 per participant x 21 = $18,375
 Annual budget -

Look & Feel

Who, What, When
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