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No description

Dawson bates

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Wrestling

Wrestling from 7 years old to Now
Wrestling Trips
Wrestling Match
Life Time Goals
I have set some goals in wrestling ever since Coach Bedard has been my coach. He told everyone at Compound North that we need to set some goals to work for that will be a great accomplishment in our lives. I have set 5 goals for my whole wrestling career until I retire and set the sport down to coach or get a new job. My 5 goals are:

1. D1 college for wrestling
2. 4x National Champ
3. Win World Team Trials
4. World Champ
Running through the family?
Wrestling wasn't a big big thing in the family. My pop wrestled at Jefferson in high school, but that was about it for him! Kyle wrestled through high school at Madison County, and is an Assistant Coach for a team in South Carolina and does a few practices with the navy then and there. Jared wrestled through middle school and 1 year of high school, but he preferred baseball cause he was basically the entertainment of wrestling rolling on and off his back. Now I have wrestled since I was 7 years old " 1st grade" and I have came a long way to what I used to be! I wrestling for 4 years at Madison county, but now I am at jefferson and been wrestling here for 3 years, and it has been successful so far.
My Memoir
Wrestling for me was all fun and games at a young age. It didn't matter what was on the scoreboard at the end of those 3 minutes on the mat. Win or loss I'd shake the other coaches hand then go play with my friends or just sit around and lay back until my next match. When I was about 9, my dad told me that I need to start putting wrestling more serious and put more effort in practice, because Ian and I would always play around. Today, we take practices very serious and after we can talk, but when Coach Bedard says his words then shows us the drill and sends us out there to drill.... He wants us to not speak a word until a break or after practice! Im glad it is that way because it leads to great results at a tournament whether I lose or win. As long as I put forth the effort in every match!
"Get comfortable being uncomfortable"
-Coach Bedard
1. D1 college for wrestling

2. 4x National Champ

3. Win World Team Trials

4. World Champ

Goal Pictures
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