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Lesson plan “Feelings & Emotions”

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Alejandra Cubides

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Lesson plan “Feelings & Emotions”

Talking about Feelings and Emotions.

To recognize their peers using adjectives.

To describe emotions in a positive or in a negative way.
The teacher will show students the following video, then he/she is going to ask their opinion of what they saw in the video. Asking the following questions:

What were the feelings and emotions that you have seen?
It is important peace? Why?
What do people do when they get angry?
How does this affect others? Does it help to solve the problem?
What do you think are the best ways to handle anger?

The teacher will explain some feelings and emotions using Talking flashcards.
Then the teacher will write sentences with personal pronouns to reinforce in the students.

For example:

I am happy
My father is angry
She is sad
He is hungry ….

"How do you feel when ...?"
"Do you feel ...when...?“

Alejandra Cubides
Lesson Plan: “Feelings & Emotions”

Happy, sad, hungry, angry, scared, sleepy, sunny, rainy, lunchtime, yummy, noisy, stormy, bedtime, sleep, good night

Each student will play ABOUT FACE game, here the students will have to choose the correct feeling according to the story.
They will read aloud, practicing pronunciation.
Each student will play
How well do you know feelings?
, here the students will have to guess the feeling choosing the correct letters. They will discuss with a partner about the results.
Then they will do different exercises (Listening, Match, Fill in the gaps, and Dictation) through this game.
Finally with this link , the students will match some sentences to their logical endings. The teacher will ask to the students for each correct answer, discussing each point.



In their homes the students will practice a "Drag and drop exercise". Taking into account the lesson learned in class.
They will have to screenshot and send it by e-mail to teacher.
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