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No description

Mellissa Andres

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

Bullying What is Bullying?? How to STOP Bullying? Different kinds of bullying What the victim does to their
self How you can stop bullying is that you can tell
an adult about what you just saw or heard.Also you
can tell the bully to STOP! and if you dont the problem will get bigger and bigger. There are many different kinds of bullying. There are
Cyber bullying,is when you get bullied online by
sending a mean text to someone.Emotional,is name calling that describes the victim.Physical,is when you
get hurt by the bully.Social,is when the bully tries
to threaten the victim around.Racist,is when they make fun of the victim where there from.Sexual,is when you call a person gay or a lesbian. Many people have been bullied and when someone
like the victim does something to their self when
they are bullied.They do it all the time and when they do it.They don't even care about their selfs when they do it. What the victim does is that they mostly try to
suicide and the reason why they do it because they don't want it to happen to them again and sometimes the victim stays home instead of going to school. Without bullying everything would be peaceful and quiet.Because while bullying happens the victim doesn't feel comfortable with it and they feel really insecure with it going on. Bullying is when a person gets picked on all the time
like anywhere and anyplace. What happens to the victim when they are bullied? Without Bullying Bullying happens to everyone,
not only you How does the victim feels when they get bullied The victim feels really depressed and embarrassed when they are bullied.Depressed because after
getting bullied they feel really sad.Embarrassed because the bully might have told a lie or a joke about them and sometimes they laugh at them and they point at the victim all the time and the victim really doesn't like that. By:Mellissa Andres
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