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Media Literacy Presentation @ Supreme Prep School

Our Digital World - Opportunities & Challenges

Broadcasting Commission

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Media Literacy Presentation @ Supreme Prep School

In the Digital World:
YOUTH are Creators
YOUTH are Innovators
YOUTH are Leaders
Digital Innovators
AOL and Microsoft tried to recruit him when he was in high school.
Age 20: created Facebook in college
Not much older than you
Zuckerberg is among the 100 wealthiest and most influential people in the world
Net worth US$55,100,000,000 billion (2016)
Mobile devices
A Transformed, Border-Less, Always-On World
Instant Communication
User empowerment
Digital Innovators
32 years old
From St. Ann
Self-taught multimedia artist
Won a Reggae Film Festival Animation Award for his first short film, "Bad Influence"
Has done advertisements for Claro, Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records, and even music videos for Queen Ifrica, Luciano and Tony Rebel.



Digital Innovators
Digital Innovators
Self-taught animator.
Developed 'Cabbie Chronicles' in 2009.
The Digital Environment
Digital Innovators
Digital Society Challenges
Russhaine Berry aka “Dutty Berry”
26 years old
B.A., Language & Communication, UWI
Vlogger (Video Blogger) – “The Dutty Berry Show” on YouTube
Left full-time Job to develop the “Dutty Berry Show"
Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Brand Ambassador
In the Digital Age, information can come from many different sources and people. They are not equally reliable and are not always accurate. Traditional media (newspaper, radio & TV) are held to different standards.
Like US on Facebook
Our Digital World: Opportunities & Challenges
Managing Your Digital Self
Manage your digital self carefully as there is a digital record of all your online activities.
Responsible Media Use in a Digital World
Your digital self is made up of:
Emails and text messages
Photos and videos you post
Websites – including inappropriate ones
Digital Innovators
Bella Blair
Toni Blair aka "Bella Blair"
24 years old
B.A., Media & Communication, UWI
Vlogger (video blogger)
Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Brand Ambassador

Rebecca Sedwick
12 years old
committed suicide after being repeatedly bullied in person and online
"You're ugly"
"Can you die please?"
"Why are you still alive?"
Robotic Invasion
"Anything we do physically that needs to be accurate, fast, safe and consistent is ripe for disruption by a robotic solution"
rescinds admissions offers to at least 10 students who shared offensive images on Facebook
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