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Tableau Tips and Tricks

No description

Matt Francis

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of Tableau Tips and Tricks

10 Tableau Tips and Tricks
Blue vs Green Pills
Top speed
Use Extracts
Unless you need instant updates
don't be limited by the speed of your datasource
publish extract
to the Server
Put the connection name in the title of the viz
<Sheet Name> using
<Data Connection Name>
last updated at
<Data Update Time>
Yield per Sample using
Tableau Bam Warehouse
last updated at
18/02/2012 11:41
Always make Dashboards
Makes it easier to control the layout
Don't cluter it up
Only a few sheets per dashboard
4 is about right
Use Hyperlink actions to link to URLs
Make better use of tool tips
Use Annotations to highlight interesting things
Mark annotations follow a mark
Point annotations follow an axis
Use the correct visual encodings
Compare the size of the pie segments
Looks pretty even....
Change it into a bar chart....
Add in the profit as the size of the bars
Now you have 3 bits of information encoded in one display
Whats the purpose of the Viz?
A Viz can have two roles
To Explore or Inform
To Explain or Pursuade
How does the yield vary with library Type?
How many samples are people submitting?
How many samples did Team A do this month?
How many instruments were down this week?
Exploring data when you don't have a story to tell
Present the data and give the user the tools to discover the stories within their data
When you want to show a story in the data.
We think that ChipSeq Libraries on average produce lower yields
We spend more time fixing customer X's problems, are they our biggest consumer?
What's the throughput of Team A vs B and C?
Does IL24 have more downtime than the average?
When you want to make a case for change
Don't Start with "i want a chart that looks like X"
I want to show the data for A,B and C
I want to show how X affects Y and Z
A viz should always provide an answer to a question
Use Parameters to change the dimensions on display, multiple views of the same data
Tableau is great as a data cleansing tool
Shows unexpected outliers
Shows up NULL values where you
didnt think you had any
Combined with quick filters allows
you to concentrate on cleansing
one category at a time
Thank you
We are pattern detecting machines
See patterns and violations
one copy of the extract per server rather than a copy per workbook
Less work for the server, only updating one extract
Lets everyone use a common set of data sources
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