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Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy

Mrs. McKinney's 3rd 6-weeks project

Brooke Elkjer

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy

Cammie goes to Gallagher academy
She is the main character of all of the Gallagher novels
Cammie is known to blend in which makes her an amazing spy
Her nickname is "the chameleon" Zach is from the Blackthorne institute for spy boys
He first meets Cammie while helping Mr. Solomon with a covert operation where he manages to tail Cammie
He falls in love with Cammie Bex is Cammie’s cool and confident best friend
Bex is British and very beautiful
Bex is sophisticated and prepared which makes her a very good spy Liz is one of Cammie’s roomates
She gets overwhelmed easily
She is very smart and great with technology which makes her a good spy
She loves reading and can crack any code and find a solution to any problem Macy McHenry is one of Cammie’s new roomates
Macy knows boys and the real world which makes her a great spy
She has a very easy going and calm personality and doesn’t seem to care much about anyone or anything
She “translates” boy language for the other girls Mr. Solomon is the girls Covert Operations teacher
He prepares them for missions outside of Gallagher Academy
He is conducting the mission in D.C. when Cammie and Zach first meet Mrs. Morgan is Cammie’s mother
She is the Headmistress of Gallagher academy
Her husband had a mysterious death and went to Blackthorne Institute along with Mr. Solomon
She helps Cammie solve all of her boy issues
She is very pretty -Roseville
-Washington DC
-Gallagher Academy
-Abandoned Warehouse SETTINGS CHARACTERS! Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy Written By: ALLIE CARTER
Sorry I have only done one other Prezi before so this one isn't very good... The Blackthorne boys are invading The Gallagher Girls territory
Josh (Cammie’s ex) is still in Roseville but now he is dating DeeDee
Cammie is falling in love with Zach
Zach calls Cammie “Gallagher Girl”
The final exam is coming up CONFLICTS In the end Zach is at the abandoned warehouse and helps Cammie defeat Mr. Smith when he is trying to steal the CD containing every alumni’s information at the final exam
Cammie says goodbye to Zach and he goes back to Blackthorne MAJOR EVENTS... After the boys arrive at Gallagher academy, there are a series of security breeches Zach and Cammie are walking around town and Zach tries to kiss her because he knows that Josh and DeeDee are watching The 4 girls start tracking the boys and recording their conversations because they are suspicious Resolution Not really a character but LOVE is the ANTAGONIST, because it is the main opposing force against CAMMIE the PROTAGONIST
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