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Panjit Company Profile

No description

Vicky Kung

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Panjit Company Profile

Public company founded in May 1986, Kaohsiung
Specialize in manufacturing and selling Diode and Rectifiers
Current capitalization: US$124 million
The Vision
To be the No. 1 global semiconductor discrete solution provider, and a trustworthy partner of customers, employees and the environment.

Customer Focus
Mutual Trust and
Learning and Growth
The Revenue
Just Intelligence and Technology
Just In Time
Just Innovate and Team up
Just Increase Value and Think ahead
Just Integrity and Trust
The Mission
The Ratio
The Partners
The Certificates
Small Signal Schottky Diode ------- 0.1-0.75A

Schottky Rectifiers --------------------- 1-60A

Super Schottky Rectifiers ------------ 3-40A

SiC Schottky-------------------------------- 2-10A
Low Voltage MOSFET --------------- 20-100V

Medium Voltage MOSFET -------- 60-100V

High Voltage MOSFET ------------ 400-900V
Bridge Rectifiers ----- 0.15-2A

Schottky Bridge --------- 1-2A
Zener Diodes ---- 0.15-5W
Swiching Diodes -------------------- 100-500 mW

General Purpose ------------------------------ 1-6 A

Fast Recovery ---------------------------------- 1-6 A

Ultra Fast Recovery ------------------------ 1-30 A

Super Fast Recovery ----------------------- 1-30 A

FRED ------------------------------------------ 600/200V
ESD Arrays ----------------- 0.35-850 pF

TVS --------------- 200-5KW
The Product Segment
Your Component
Our Profession
The Package Segment
SMD Series
TO Series
Axial Series
Bridge Series
The Industrial smallest package
Your Component Our Profession
Capacity: 1,786KK
Capacity: 42KK
Capacity: 154KK
Capacity: 68KK
Glass Series
Capacity: 487KK
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