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Progressive [Co]Working

Experimental Formats for Innovative Working Experiences | Interaction and Service Design Workshop at Domus Academy

claudio moderini

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Progressive [Co]Working

progressive [co]working sketches courtesy
of dr. Cardini A series of flexible SPACES are equipped for hosting and broadcasting special events, business pitches,
conferences and presentations. Physical infrastructures, INTERACTIVE FURNISHING and equipments are the STAGE where complex interactions and work-related processes and activities take place. Digital TOOLS AND MEDIA supporting personal productivity and social exchange within communities of practices in a DISTRIBUTED AND INTEGRATED WORKING ENVIRONMENT ADVANCED SERVICES based on people participation and KNOWLEDGE SHARING, supporting daily working practices in different contexts, by leveraging the SOCIAL WEB platform and infrastructure. PUBLIC INTERFACES for engaging the workers community, by visualizing on-going activities and processes but also for planning and sharing future projects. Dedicated STUDIOS are furnished with high-end interfaces and tools for supporting local and remote collaboration, real-time capturing and editing of content, so as meetings, learning and creative sessions. augmented workplace
open studio
data visualization
real time editing
project support
web broadcasting
showcase gallery
start-up in residence A PROGRESSIVE SPACE is more than an office, or a studio, it is an experimental LABORATORY FOR RESEARCHING that operates in strict relation with the emergent market needs, it is a blended platform that provides a seamless connection between the members of a NETWORK/COMMUNITY for developing projects together but also for learning from each others and for sedimenting and sharing the resulting knowledge. Knowledge workers, business consultants, designers, makers, and entrepreneur, both as individuals or clustered in micro-enterprises, are INNOVATION AGENTS that inhabits a multifaceted collaborative environment. knowledge sedimentation
innovation agents
trusted community
mutual coaching
progressive learning Mobile and portable tools and devices
are enhancing the PERSONAL WORK ENVIRONMENT. They are HUBS for active CONTENT CURATION,
such as trend monitoring/reporting, active links to a seamless and distributed KNOWLEDGE NETWORK, and technological platforms for REMOTE COLLABORATION,
ACTIVE LEARNING, but also for managing the relation with coworkers, partners and clients. collaborative work
professional network
mobile experience
remote mentorship
continuous learning Experimental Formats
for Innovative Working Experiences

in conjunction with THINGS “Progressive rock intended to break the boundaries of traditional rock music by bringing in a greater and more eclectic range of influences, including free-form and experimental compositional methods, as well as new technological innovations.” (Wikipedia) The workshop AIMS to investigate all the possible ways for answering these questions through the definition of a detailed DESIGN RESEARCH FRAMEWORK.

Such encompassing overview will require a screening of existent and potential solutions by means of an INSPIRATIONAL BENCHMARKING and RESOURCE MAPPING activity.

The outcomes of this information gathering and filtering will, in turn, feed the description of a set of ILLUSTRATED SCENARIOS showing the research challenges and pointing towards possible future design solutions. |THE CULTURE OF SHARING|
|PLACES TO COLLABORATE| |DESIGNING| “A Place...can be defined as relational,
historical and concerned with identity”
Marc Augé Contemporary
Communitarian | connected and collaborative WORK PRACTICES
| dedicated expertise for decision-making and management of PROCESSES
| flexible, temporary and networked WORK-SPACES
| social/digital TECHNOLOGIES for work new PARADIGMS
for FUTURE SERVICES What are the services that can enrich and enhance the working experience?

What are the physical characteristics of a progressive co-working space?

What are the aspects of social web solution that can be fruitfully integrated in the daily working processes?

What are the tools and apps that can facilitate a richer collaborative working style? milk interactive rimon siturae collaborative shared alibaba+ memoroom mOffice distributed informal situated ncompass personal mobile http://www.pseudodesign.com/milkvideo/milk.html itsme interconnected
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