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Sport and Religion

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on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Sport and Religion

Sport and Religion I. Religion and sport in History
II. The situation nowadays
III. Sport as a Religion Sport as a Religion ? Similarities...
- Vocabulary
- Buildings
- Heroes ans stories
- Organization
- Social role Do you think we can consider
Sport as a Religion ? Differences...
- The relationship with money and the using of commercial
- Nature and roots Nowadays ? Tim Tebow Kaka F. Ribéry D. Maradona London 2012 Brazilian selection Muchas gracias a todos ! On the first hand: The principle of independence toward religions, and the secularity rules, but also respect of the own sport rules (judo in this example)
On the other hand: Freedom, of thinking and worship

What is your opinion in this case? In the past In the past, traditional society used games as religious rites, so these games sacred, -> how and why ?? Pok-A-Tok The Maya between 1500 and 400 JC, played Pok-a-tok, a kind of ball game, which symbolize death struggle between humans and the other being lower. Then two teams of 20 players competed for a ball, with a ban to let go off the ball.
playground = sky
ball = sun
loser team = sacrifice team Greek The ancient Olympics were as much a religious festival as an athletic event. The games were held in honor of the Greek god Zeus, and on the middle day of the games, 100 oxen would be sacrificed to him. Races are associated with rites of passage at puberty young Navajo girls, built around their culture hero, "the woman who changes" symbol of endurance. Girls run for five days in an easterly direction between sunrise and sunset. They are massaged and topped every morning to mark the best period of Women is changing. Each path must be longer than the previous one and is related to the longevity of the girl. Navajos Indian So !! During the past, inside the traditional society, the sacred was a main thing in the life of population all around the world. And to be in communication with Spirit, or divinity, the different society proceed in rituals, which look like sports games. We have 3 different kind of rituals :
- mortuary = Fox
- transition = Navajos, ( girls -> Woman)
- propitiatory and thanks = Greeks OG Fox C. Levis Strauss, studying the funeral rites in "Fox", American Indians Eastern.
2 teams :
-1 is the dead team
-1 is the live team
The outcome of the game set in advance: the winner is the team of the dead, it's for give to living team the illusion of the dead, then the living team are symbolically killed. Sportive practice maintain close link with religion • The Laymen think that the cult of the muscle, which can be made, according to them, only to the detriment of the spirit.

• Catholics think that there is no contradiction between Christian education and a sport.
"The physical effort can only be an antidote in the sexual urges." Social context moved a lot, in our modern civilizations, religions have a less powerful place than in the past, so now, religion serve sport, to give better results and increase performance. Athletes and coach use religion for certain reasons: • Social and moral part

• To cope with uncertainty and stay out of trouble

• To give meaning to sport participation
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