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Risdon Cove Massacre

by luke piesse and josh bell

Joshua Bell

on 20 September 2011

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Transcript of Risdon Cove Massacre

"The massacre was the most violent conflict between black and
white recorded in the first year of British settlement and began
the destruction of the Island's Aboriginal society. It took place on
May 3rd, 1804, as Aboriginal families gathered in a food hunting party
in wooded hills around the cove". RISDON COVE MASSACRE Risdon Cove was the first English settlement in Tasmania, established in September 1803 by Lieutenant John Bowen, RN. Risdon Cove was not just the first settlement, it had the title of being the site of the first conflict between the Tasmanian Aborigines and the newly arrived English. It is a place that is important in understanding the early development of Australia, especially of Tasmania. In recent years the nature of these events and their import has been agressively discussed. The reasons for the Risdon Cove massacre, and the actions of this massacre:
The aboriginals were out on a kangaroo hunting party when the British spotted them approaching, mistakenly the British thought that the Aborigines were attacking them. The Britsh the chased the Aborigines and shot them all dead. On that day many aboriginals died. Both British and Aborigines remember the 3rd of May 1804 as a very horrific day. The massacre is remembered each century with a festival in Risdon Cove and there is also memorial dedicated to the event. BIBLIOGRAPHY:

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