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Mcdonalds Vs. Burger King

No description

Addy Parrett

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Mcdonalds Vs. Burger King

McDonalds and Burger King: A rivalry in the making
A fierce Battle
- McDonalds CEO dies of heart attack in April of 2004 which leaves Charlie Bell as new CEO

-CEO, Charlie Bell, dies of cancer in January of 2005
During the course of this Project, I studied two different American Fast Food chains, McDonalds and Burger king and took a look at their relationship
McDonalds and Burger King
-McDonalds: Opened in 1940 as a Barbeque restaurant in California. in 1948, said restaurant was closed and McDonalds burger restaurant was opened

-Burger King: Founded in 1954 as a Burger selling restaurant
McDonalds Original location
Burger Kings Original Location
-McDonalds comes out with Big Mac after Burger King comes out with Whopper
-Burger King lowers their prices to compete with McDonalds 15 cent burgers
-Burger King advertises against McDonalds and McDonalds sues for false advertisement
-This goes on for many years until burger king gives up and McDonalds "Wins"
McDonalds Strikes back
From 2011.....
Burger King ad
From 1989
McDonalds receives a McDouble blow
Is Burger King losing it's crown?
-Burger King owners sold whole company to Brazilians for 3.3 billion dollars

-Burger King continues to be number two in the world for fast food burger sales
540 total calories
260 calories from fat
29 grams of fat
10 grams of saturated fat
1040 mg of sodium
45 grams of carbohydrates
3 grams of protein
3 grams of fiber
9 grams of sugar
25 grams of protein

Big Mac
540 total calories
260 calories from fat
24 grams of fat
75 mg of cholesterol
900 mg of sodium
52 grams of carbohydrates
4 grams of fibers
8 grams of sugar
30 grams of protein
Based on personal experience and continuous studies, I have concluded that McDonalds has better service and fresher food. But on the flip side, Burger king does in fact have healthier food.
The advertisement of a big mac and whopper vs. the real thing

Both fast food restaurants have their tricks to making their food look good, lets take a look at the differences between the advertised food and the real life food
Big Mac
Here is a photo of an advertised big mac, looks pretty appetizing, right?
Big mac
Here is an photo of what a big mac looks like in reality, Doesn't look the same does it?
Is burger King losing it's crown?

Fake version
This is the advertised version of the Whopper, looks good, right?
Legit version
This is what a typical Whopper looks like in real life.......
doesn't look as appetizing

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