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Loss of Biodiversity in Japan

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Tehnaad Sandhu

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Loss of Biodiversity in Japan

Loss of Biodiversity in Japan
Hi class 7B my name is Tehnaad Sandhu and this is my presentation on Japan and it's loss in biodiversity.
Japan- East Asia, Located in the Pacific Ocean
Lies to the east of China and Korea
Longitude: 35.0000° N Latitude: 136.0000° E

Tokyo- Capital City of Japan
Longitude: 35.6895° N Latitude: 139.6917° E
This human environmental interaction has occurred all over Japan. There was a meeting held in Tokyo to talk about the great loss of biodiversity. There are more meeting known to come .
The front page of the Nayoga Paper Today

Now the main question is:
What are the causes of Japan's Biodiversity Loss?
There are multiple answers to this question:
People in Japan have been cutting down many trees, this leads to little or no homes for many species that live in Japan and this also destroys many food chains.
Alien Species
Humans legally and/or illegally bring animals into Japan that are not from that environment and then release them.
The earth is getting warmer and most species on the earth's surface can not adapt to new temperatures and will die. It is predicted that by 2100 the earth's temperature will warm by 6°C on the average.
Earth is warming
Japan has a lot of factories and machinery, which pollute the environment by releasing chemicals in the air, by leaking toxic ingredients into the water and much more.
Well that was my presentation on
The Loss of Biodiversity in Japan
Research Question:
What are the causes of Japan's Biodiversity Loss?
Main Idea
Japan is a country where the biodiversity is decreasing at a very fast pace. Japan has issued many things about this situation for example: They had a meeting in Tokyo about how it’s their job to carry this generation’s biodiversity to the next. There are many causes for this problem some of them are worldwide and some of them are just linked to Japan, The most common causes are deforestation where the Japanese cut down its forests, Alien species when people bring in or alien species travel into another biodiversity that is not its own, Also the Earth is warming which is causing many organisms to die because they can’t handle the new temperature, and last but not least humans pollute the environment which causes a lot of damage to the organisms that live in it. Japan is working on ways to stop all the things that caused this situation.
In my opinion I believe that the best solution to this problem is:
1.- Stop using dangerous chemicals in factories
2.-Try to clean up all the polluted parts of Japan
3.-Plant new trees after cutting them
4.-Try to get rid of all the Invasive Species that have a big impact on the environment

Animal: Because of deforestation, Alien species, etc. Animals have to move to another habitat

People: Do all the damage, pollute, cut down trees, burn so many fossil fuels
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