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Implied Main Idea

No description

Justin Fodor

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Implied Main Idea

Implied Main Idea
The paragraph tells me about a Hopi Village
Step 1: Read the paragraph. Ask yourself, "What is the general topic?"
Step 2: Look at the details and descriptions to decide what points the writer is making about the general topic
Step 3: Sum up the details in a statement that tells what the paragraph is about.
This is the implied main idea.
Step 4: Confirm the implied main idea with details from the paragraph
Author gives clues throughout the reading to help the reader find the implied main idea
To figure out the main implied idea, you need to read

the entire passage
and then put the clues together
The details will not state the main idea directly
Mr. Fodor
English 1
3 February 2015
When I visited northern Arizona I went to he Hopi Indian Reservation. I visited a very old village; many of the houses had been built more than four hundred years ago. The houses sat around a central plaza, which served as a meeting as a meeting place as well as the site of ceremonies and celebrations. One of the houses that I saw was falling apart, but the villagers were working to rebuild it. Newer houses were made of stone carved so the pieces fit together, a traditional Hopi construction technique. Solar panels located on the roofs of the houses provided their power. Solar power allowed the people to have modernized homes, but it did not disrupt the villagers' traditional way of life.
The village is old. There are celebrations and ceremonies in the village. The houses have solar panels.
The Hopi villagers live in traditional homes with modern conveniences
I know tradition is important because the Hopi have ceremonies in the village and use old ways to build new homes. They use solar panels for electricity, which is a modern convenience
What do all the details have in common?
A sentence created by the reader that expresses the author's main point about the topic
You should actively read through the article you have selected and highlight the main details of each paragraph.
*** NOT everything is worthy of being highlighted
This is something you can either write, take mental note
The implied main idea should be written down separately from the paragraph
Back of Page
Paragraph 1: I.M.D.

Paragraph 2: I.M.D.

Paragraph 3: I.M.D.
*Implied main idea should be no more than 1-2 sentences
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