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No description

Temple SHHO

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of 12/15/1975

Cassablanca Records
Invictus Records
Mothership Connection:
Mothership Connection
Mothership Connection was their first album to go gold and platinum
George Clinton

Bernie Worrell

Mothership Connection
Michael Jackson
George Clinton: "Funk is something that saves your life, or it's an attitude, or it's that attitude that helps save your life when you feel like its not worth it.
by Parliament:
An Album Review
Because of that, this style of funk is described as "the absence of any and everything you can think of, but the very essence of all that is.
Mothership Connection was made in efforts to put black people in situations they never thought they'd be in
Influenced artists: Lenny Kravitz, Dr. Dre, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even Childish Gambino .
Mothership Connection influenced many in the last 35 years, including artists from the 1980's, '90's and even this decade.
Major Themes
& Ideas
There is a huge emphasis on the collective. "Undeniably culturally connected"
Mothership Connection
Bootsy Collins
Eddie Hazel
Gary Shider
Psychedelic Soul

Funk Rock
Motor Booty Affair
parliament funkentelechy
the placebo syndrome
Up for the down
Fuzzy Haskins
Calvin Simon
Grady thomas
Ray Davis
Tawl Ross
Tiki Fulwood
Billy Bass Nelson
P-Funk (Wants to get funked up)
Tear the roof off the sucker (give up the funk)
mothership connection (star child)
Previously known as The Parliaments, Parliament is a funk band hailing from Plainfield, New Jersey from as early as 1950.
Kool & the Gang
Spirit of the Boogie
James Brown
Sex Machine (1975)
Instrumental Content
mothership connection created platform for parliament to expand on their musicianship
Know the meaning
iNcluded in "1001 albums you must hear before you die"
Keyboards and synthesizers
Guitar/ Bass Guitar
Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Drums & Percussion
Lyrical Content
Sampling/Influence (Cont.)
P-Funk is not exactly lyrical, but definitely does not take away from the significance of the music.
It is simply described as anything that we create in our mind. Meaning, it paints reality. We may not have everything we want yet, but through confidence and prayer, it is obtainable.
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