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Ben Pugliares

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of SourceFire

Team Product Financials Market Industry Overview CEO: John Burris

Martin Roesch COB: Steven R. Polk Former vice commander of
Pacific Airforces
Many high level positions in
Airforce and Navy
Graduated US Airforce Acad. Nearly 30 years of international
sales experience with Lucent
AT&T and Citrix Systems
BS in mgmt:Marshall University A respected authority on intrusion
detection technology
17 years industry experience
BS in Electircal and computer
engineering :Clarkson University
Founded in 2001 SourceFire Uses a combination of Hardware and Open Source software to Protect from viruses and hackers by detecting and eliminating threates 150,00 cyber attacks this year

Up 300% since 2005

Translation: Increasing demand with
no let up in sight
230% increase in gross revenues since
2005 Plug-N-Protect Combination of
hardware and software
Most widely deployed system of its kind
in the world

Code is available to anyone
Better testing
More stable and greater protection
More effective rule creation
Easier implementation SourceFire products
are now available
through the Apple
App Store Customers include:
Forutune 100 & 500
Financial Institutions
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