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Romeo's Diary Entries

No description

Missy Hipp

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Romeo's Diary Entries

Day 5 Today I recieved horrid news from my servant, Balthasar. My dear Juliet lies in the Capulet tomb with other dead relatives. Yes, she lies dead in a tomb. It is said to believe the sadness of the death of her former cousin, Tybalt, was the doing of the Juliets death. I am the only one that knows the true meaning behind it though. My leaving was the doing of this crime. It drove her to death. Oh, I must see her once more, then I know what I must do. I'm not sure how the journey of the night will go, but I do know where it will take me. My destination will be the same as Juliet's. Our fates were meant to be intertwined. Column A
Assignment 8 Romeo's Diary Entries Missy Hipp
HCA1 hour 3
Mrs. Johnson-Berry Day 1 Today more time alone was spent in my dark room. I thought more about Rosaline. I love her so, but she hasn't a thought about me. I'll fight for her, but unfortunately the saying doesn't go both ways. Benvolio of course tried to cheer me up, but with no change to my emotions. Later we came upon a man named Peter. He invited me and Benvolio to a party hosted by the Capulets. He told me I could attend if I wasn't a Montague, so I wasn't going to go, but at the thought of seeing my lovely Rosaline, I went. But behold! I found a new love owning the name of Juliet. With a kiss and a quick remark, my heart no longer belonged to Rosaline. She does belong to the house of the Capulets, but no matter. We will meet again, I can feel it. Day 3 I went to Friar Lawrence in the earliest of the morning to see if he could be the one to wed me and my new love, Juliet. He spoke of Rosaline, which brought some sad memories. But I quickly forgot them again. After that I said that I had love for Juliet, and Friar Lawrence gave me the most exciting news! He's willing to wed me and Juliet! Later I spent time with Mercutio and Benvolio when some old woman came up to me talking about the wedding of me and my fine Juliet. How excited I became. But, the best part of my day came last, when I was wed to my precious love! It happened in a rush but we said our vows and our love was presented to one another. Day 2 Today I snuck under Juliet's balcony in hopes of her being there. Alas, she was. When I heard her sweet lips speak sweet words, I was filled completely with joy. We talked for as long as we could until someone called her name one too many times and she had to leave her wonderous balcony. We know our love is real because we spoke of marriage. Yes, marriage! We will communicate the time and the place later, but we're really going to go through with it. Even though it means sneaking behind our families backs, it's a promise willing to keep. All I need t pray for is a friar willing to wed people behind not one, but many backs of family members... Day 4 The day after my wedding has not turned out good. My life has gone to the best it could to the worst its ever been. Me and my dear friends Benvolio and Mercutio got into a fight with my new cousin, Tybalt and his friends. I tried to tell him of our new relation so we didn't have to fight, but he wouldn't stop long enough for me to tell him. Before my very eyes, Tybalt was the one who slained my best friend, Mercutio. I no longer thought of him as a cousin, but once again, an enemy. I drew my sword and we fought until Tybalt fell. From this deed, I was banished from the dear city of Verona. I hid in Friar Lawrence's place until I had no time left and had to leave the city. But before, I visited my dear Juliet for I feared would be the last. We were together for a long time, but out of fear of being seen, I fled the city. Missy Hipp
Mrs. JB
HCA1 hour 3
March 4, 2013
Romeo’s Diary Entries
1. It made me go back and basically re-read and diagnose the entire book.
2. The diary is a sort of small summary of just Romeo’s adventures.
3. I used to write in my diary when I was younger and I wanted to write one for Romeo.
4. I went back and read the parts that Romeo was in again.
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