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The Spot: Delicious Best Sandwich Deli and also Dogs

Dog Duck Dip Dive and Deli

Tony Catalano

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of The Spot: Delicious Best Sandwich Deli and also Dogs

Delicatessen SixCeed Team 6 Irene
Benton Anthony
Catalano Danielle
Conley Colleen
Hullings Hannah
Richard Rebecca
Shost MGT 261-800 10094 Coming Together Forming Storming
Norming Performing
Responsibilities Irene - Financial
Anthony - Business Description, Prezi
Danielle - Location, Milestone Schedule
Colleen - Location, Harvest Strategy
Hannah - Marketing, Critical Risks
Rebecca - Marketing, Management, Powerpoint Gathering Information Resources Websites Research
Selection Process Brainstorming
Businesses Elimination
Process Decision
Factors Benefits
Back How Many People Love DOGS? How Many People Love
SANDWICHES!? a Deli FOR Dog Lovers

BY Dog Lovers Industry Background Upstate New York Deli with a twist Family
Atmosphere Dog
Paradise! Super
Staff! Features Dog-Friendly
Outdoor Patio Homemade
Dog Biscuits Delicious, Fresh,
Local Ingredients Boar's Head™
Meat Management Location: Liverpool, NY Population
(as of July 2009):
2,346 Avg. Income:
$50,614 Proximity to
local veterinarians
and dog park
Right near
Onondaga Lake 116 Willow St. Liverpool, NY Competition
Sandwich Chief
.7 mi Subway - .8 mi Jreck Subs Shop
1.7 mi Johnny Mac’s Pizzeria and Deli 2 mi West Taft Deli
1.8 mi Merchandise Financial Profit/Loss 1st Year
Budget 3rd & 5th Year
Budgets Break Even
Five Years From Now Plan Large
Customer Base Expanded
Menu Begin
Catering "Best of the Burbs" Good
Audience! Very Good
Audience! Pop Quiz Hot Shot! 1. What town is The Spot located in? 2. What park is The Spot convienently
located next to? 3. What is The Spot's Yellow Snow? Marketing Opening:
April 19th, 2012 Events:
Doggy Days Annual Events:
Community Dog Walks T-Shirts v v null Critical Risks Actual Costs
Estimated Costs Dog
Fights Internal
Theft Food
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