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Magnesium and Dry Ice

No description

Kristin Sigler

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Magnesium and Dry Ice

Materials 5g of Magnesium turnings (Mg)
5lbs of solid carbon dioxide (CO2)
screw driver
a propane torch
gloves/ goggles Procedure 1. Create a divot along with vent holes in the dry ice
2. Put the magnesium in the the divot and light it with the propane torch
3. Once the magnesium is lit, place the other half of the dry ice on top
the burning magnesium is extremely bright, be cautious in looking directly at it
the reaction may cause sparks to fly out so stand back and any fires started with the magnesium can't be put out with a regular fire extinguisher (comprised of CO2) Chemical
Formula Product What's
Happening? Excess Reagent: 9.94g 2Mg(s) + CO2(s)
2MgO(s) + C(s) Magnesium and Dry Ice By: Branden Austin, Austin Bullock, Jacob Higginbottom, Kristin Sigler, and Josh Williams MgO - Magnesium Oxide
C - Carbon When the top block is placed over the burning Mg, the small amount of oxygen in the cavity is quickly consumed
The burning Mg vaporizes large amounts of carbon dioxide, displacing any remaining oxygen and creating a positive outward pressure that prevents air from diffusing back into the cavity

So why doesn't the dry ice melt?

First of all, much of the energy goes into light instead of heat
While the reaction is still insanely hot, the magnesium requires a very little amount of carbon before the magnesium runs out so the mass of the dry ice changes very little The End
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