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yukio horie

No description

sierra surgeon

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of yukio horie

The first marker
my artifact
a marker
the purpose of the marker
the purpose was to draw, make, create, and write
the inventor and the date of when it was invented
inventor was Yukio Horie and it was made in 1952
How was it used then and now
Then: It was used as a pencil but lasted longer longer than one and only came in black until later
Now: It is now used for drawing, making, creating, and writing. It also comes in many colors.
what are some of the inovations the marker has gone threw
made longer to hold more ink and be able to do more, and they come in different colors now.
what technology does the marker fit?
A. information and communication

B. Bio-related and agriculture
first marker
markers now
- Being able to express feeling
in different color when you draw
- Letting kids have fun and happy
- People trying to eat or put marker
in mouth
- And, or play with the ink when taken
Science: making sure the chemicals are none-toxic
Technology: researching and making a plan on how to make the marker
Engineering: designing the marker
Math: Making sure the measurments are correct to be able to put the ink and cap on the marker
I think when you're 14 years old, I think you're sort of looking for markers that prove you're an adult and you're independent of your parents.
Koren Zailckas
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