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ROTC - The Surge

OPD for Santa Clara/Stanford ROTC students on "The Surge" in Iraq

Jim Wilson

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of ROTC - The Surge

"The Surge" OPD
Santa Clara ROTC
June 2010
My Experience
S2, 2-227 AVN
Sep 06 - Dec 07 UH-60 Blackhawks UH-60 MEDEVAC CH-47 Chinook Iraq - 2006 Leadership Changes Secretary Gates
replaces Secretary Rumsfeld LTG Odierno assumes
command of MNC-I GEN Petraues promoted
and replaces GEN Casey Troop Focus
on Ground Focus on "kill/capture"
and "force protection" Rumors of "Pull to Periphery"
or "All In" Obvious "no man's lands"
exist Surge Announced Unit Extensions 5 New Brigades New Division HQs
MND-C Change in Tactics Combat Out Posts (COPs)
Joint Secutiy Stations (JSSs) Focus on
Protecting Populations "Concerned Local Citizens" Implications Started Giving Iraqis a "Viable Option" Reduced "noise," allowed for better targeting Results Iraq's Future Many significant
issues remain Oil Revenues Government Control Kurdish
Independence How does this
help us in Afghanistan? Be careful not to
"fight the last war" Need to set and
focus on strategic goals Iraq and Afghanistan
are very different countries Lessons Learned
Risk Taking and Creativity Additional Reading Counterinsurgency Iraq Afghanistan Questions? Contact
CPTJim Wilson
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