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This Prezi discusses how Thailand is influeced by business, goverment, and customers.

Sierra S.

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Thailand

A map of our country's business,
customers, and government Thailand Thailand has a mixed economy, it is custom based, directed, and a market economy. The government is lenient, everyone has their own choices on what they wish to buy, this proves a market economy. Example 1: 1. Natural Gas
2. Rubber
3. Corn
4. Coconuts
5. Soybeans
*All of these are Natural In addition, Thailand exports gas, lubricants, and rice. This also proves their mixed economy. Example 5: Thailand supplies its citizens with many goods and services. These are all made by human and capital resources. Goods and
Services Economic System: Goods: Services: 1. Police Officers
2. Firefighters
3. King (as a leader)
4. Librarys
5. Education
* All of these are Human Resources Government Involvement in Economy The leader of this country is King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Although he is the highest ruler in this country, he does not have much say. 1. Education
2. Military
3. Police Officers
4. Firefighters
5. Library Some services the country provides for its citizens include: How is the economy performing? How is Thailand's economy doing today: 1945-2012. 1945-1955 Thailand economy is suffering at this time due to the end of the Second World War. Thailand is begining a recession. Example 2: The Kings says that all kids must attend a specific type of school. Their choices are between Marxist, NED Riggsin, and NED Maoist Schooling. This shows how Thailand is demanding, similar to a Directed Economy. 1955-1985 A change in Thailand's economy begins to occur as politics begin to play a major role in Thailand's economy. Although the economy may be changing to become more political, it does not seem to fit in any categories seen it's in the middle of them all. 1985-1997 Example: 3 Thailand's goverment allows their country to export goods to other countries, where if they were a Directed Economy, there would be a good chance they would be told not to. During this time period, Thailand began to fall into a recession. The economy began to go a bit downhill in the late 80s until the early 90s when it seems that Thailand had truly hit a recession. 1997-2006 As the recession continued, it began to impact politics. Eventually, the Prime Minister resigned due to too much pressure. 2006-Present Example 4: Thailand exports to other countries computer and electronic parts, proving they are a mixed economy. As the years continued, Thailand's economy became better and they are currently in prosperity. The End!
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