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01.04 Service Learning Project Part A Investigate

No description

Muhammad Kamara

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of 01.04 Service Learning Project Part A Investigate

Who else cares about it that you know?
In Tallahassee there is another Project Downtown that helps the homeless over there too.
Whom does the issue or problem affect? How does it affect them?
The issue of homeless affects everyone. It affects the homeless person because he has no place to stay and it affects other people because when they look at that person they start thinking about their life.
Are others already working on the issue?
Yes there is an organization called Project Downtown that help the homeless.
Who has information that can help you?
My sister has the information to help me. She is the President of Project Downtown.
What factors contribute to the problem?
What can people do to help?
They could come and volunteer with the making of the food and giving it to the homeless people.
01.04 Service Learning Project Part A Investigate homeless
What type of service might be most helpful to people affected by the issue?
I service that tackles homeless.
Where does the issue have greatest impact?
It has the greatest impact in Downtown Tampa.
Where can you find people working on it?
You can find people working on this everywhere in Downtown.
When did the issue or problem begin?
Homelessness started in the early 1980s in America.
When are related plans or events scheduled?
It is scheduled every Friday at 5 pm.
By Muhammad Kamara
Why do people think this issue is important?
Homelessness is a big deal in American and around the world. Everyday more and more people lose a job, unable to pay bills, and eventually lose their home. I have seen families live in cars and work while trying to survive. No one can get around homelessness because it is a societal problem that needs a lot of attention.
Why do you think it is important?
I think it is important because everyone needs a home, for safety and comfort reasons. Its an important issue Because many people are homeless right now. Where is live there is always people in the streets and you can tell they are homeless. Its not just old people, its teenagers too.
My sister helped me with this assignment.
2. Which of your researched issues do you think is most important? Explain why.
I think homelessness is a more important issue because if you're homeless that means you have no family no money and no food. If you're hungry then that means that you have a family and no money.
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