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Guide to Georgia

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on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Guide to Georgia

Guide to Georgia
Georgia resources are mostly cotton. Cotton is still growing in Georgia land. Georgia has also added many different and more resources. Georgia has also made money on their Delicious watermelon. Also makes a lot of money on crops.
*Capital :Atlanta
*Abbreviation: G.A
*Us senors:Saxby Chanbliss
*Governor:Nathan deal (republican)
*people who live in Georgia: Georgians

In the middle of the 1700's slave's bussed over to Georgia to go work on rice plantation's.In 1793 Eli Whinty invented a machine called the cotton gin.It removed the seeds from the cotton. Cotton became the main resource in Georgia
state facts
In Georgia you will see beautiful landscapes. The north has mountains. The south has rolling hills, and other areas have a swamp and coastal plains.
*population 9,916,945
* State song "Georgia on my mind"
*State nickname The peach state
*State bird Brown Thrasher
*State fruit Peach
*State flower Cherokee Rose
* State Tree Southern Live Oak
*Marine Mammal Right Whale
*Famous For Centennial Olympic Park
one fun fact about Georgia is its coca cola factory's they get about 700 people there in a day. The coca cola factory is not just about coca cola it is full of adventure .There are movies you get to take a pitcher with the coca cola bear and at the end you go in to go in to a room full of pop(soda).You get to take home a free Souvenir.
road trip distance
Choice Location
The Blue Ridge Mountains
They stretch down across Georgia's northern border trapped under the pine tree's. Most of the mountains are more than 4,500 feet (1,370m). Above sea level.
Economic Location
Political Location
Cotton Farm
Carl Azus is the head reporter for CNN student news. He will stop at nothing to report for the curious children who want to know about the world.
Blue Ridge Mountains to Atlanta =60
Atlanta to Atlanta =0
Atlanta to cotton farm =160
cotton farm to Atlanta=160
Atlanta to WCE=1,400

The Total Road Trip Distance =1,780
Maps of Georgia
Road Map of Georgia
This is a map of Georgia's cities.
This is Georgia's elevation map.
Weather map of Georgia
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