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CD Covers- Zahra Yaquob 11F

No description

Zahra Yaquob

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of CD Covers- Zahra Yaquob 11F

2. Generic Conventions of Rock/Metal Albums
The parent advisory sticker on the album cover is the stereotypical portrayal of a rock band album because a a lot of 'taboo' is used that it is not really discussed in reality.
Instruments are one of the most important conventions of heavy metal . The electric guitar is very important in heavy metal music, as it is the main instrument the listener can hear, they are synonymous with heavy metal because of the noise that they generate, which is associated with heavy metal.
Metal bands like to use make up as one of their conventions. It helps a band be more unique, and more easily recognized. The make up will always be dark, and Gothic. This typical convention is to create an androgynous look.
Metal bands usually adopt a rebellious look, with the long hair, tight jeans, leather coats and dark shirts. Also they often have tattoo's, many have piercings as well. This rebellious look is adopted to attract a particular psychographic audience group, who expect to see their icons in this costume.
1. Introduction
Stretched ears
Crazy Hairstyles
Ripped Clothing
Satanic Figures
Dark excessive make-up
2. Generic Conventions
2. Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight
4. Evaluation of Main Text
The typography used is black with a hint of an anarchy streak but it is kept quite simple. The neatness of the typography suggests a growingly sophisticated demographic group, is being attracted.
The iconography shows the members on the edge of the rocks overlooking the sea which denotes 'on edge of life'. The album title 'Minutes to Midnight' refers to the 'Doomsday Clock which is a clock designed by atomic scientists and it counts down catastrophe.
In the past Linkin Park have attracted the demographic group of young rebellious people. Judging by the album cover the mood that the band seems to be going for is a more mature and reflective.
The subtitle 'minutes to midnight' in grey typography suggests the 'unknown' the grey makes it gloomy and mysterious.
The lighting used challenges genre conventions because this is not common on rock/metal albums you would normally expect dark lighting. This impression that no one is in the dark no longer it is time to step into the light. Even though some of the generic conventions of a rock and metal are not present on this cover it still connotes a darkness of mood because the color black is the most significant thing on the cover.
1. Paramore- Riot!
The typography used on the title 'Riot!' is not subtle but bold with orange as the scheme of color for the title. The color connotes enthusiasm and youth. This could link to the fact that Paramore's target demographic group is young adults and their music is mostly reflected on life situations i.e break-ups, first loves, and revenge which is quite common in the rock industry. The juxtaposition of black and white, also connotes conflict between good and evil.
The shot type on this cover is a mid-shot consisting of all the members of the band which stereotypical of a rock cover. The band appears appear to be wearing semi-ripped clothing, and startling hairstyles which are generic costume conventions .
The main image meets a quite common convention of any music album. The band members are close together which gives the impression that if you join the 'Riot!' then you will be part of the Paramore experience. The band also directly addresses the audience which adds to the effectiveness of trying to build a personal relationship with their audience.
The fact that the typography of the title is orange the band members are in black white gives the impression that main focus is the Riot! which is symbolism of rebellion and revolution which is typical in rock albums due to the audience group then then want to identify with.
This album is the stereotypical portrayal of generic conventions of the hybrid genre because it features most of the conventions a demographic group would expect to see. The band look rebellious, their costume adds to this and the typography speaks for itself.
Investigation of how generic conventions are used in album covers.
The purpose of CD covers is to tell the audience who the band/artist is and establishes genre. The cover attracts the specific demographic group the band is targeting. Advertising companies put a lot of effort into designing them because it is a major selling point. The uses and gratification theory explains that CD's are bought for personal identity and diversion.

- The hybrid genre of rock and metal is where my investigation lies. The texts I will be investigating are:

1. Paramore- Riot! (2007)

2. Linkin Park- Minutes to Midnight (2007)

3. My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (2004)- Main text

The main genre conventions of rock and metal albums are:
Costume Conventions
The target audience for this band who are 18-34 year old would react neutrally to this cover because it connotes a grown up line of address which is exactly what Linkin Park are aiming for as their audience grows up alongside them.
The existing audience of MCR might be surprised by this cover because it does not adhere to the generic conventions and does not match their previous album covers.
In comparison with the Paramore Riot! album my main text does not match the generic conventions expected of the hybrid genre. The Paramore cover displays rebellious iconography and dark colors which is to be expected from the genre. Even more so the fairly generic album cover Linkin Park also displays conventions expected of the genre with its dark colours and dark,bold typography.
-My main text does not adhere to the generic conventions of the hybrid. The conventions are largely not present on the cover, although the colours black, white and red are fairly synonymous with the genre, connoting the usual 'dangerous' and rebellious emotions to the target audience.

- The band may have chosen this album cover because the lead singer Gerard Way expressed his intention to make everyone understand what its like to be in a toxic/chemical relationship. The band also specified that they wanted attract a wider demographic group, including 16-24 year old girls who would be attracted to this iconography. Traditionally, metal music has had a predominantly young.

-It is clear that this CD cover attracted its target audience. The evidence for this is that the album released on June 8 2004, sold 1530000 copies worldwide. Just as importantly the album helped promote a successful worldwide tour. With the ever increasing use of downloads and Youtube, touring is becoming the main income generator for bands.

-The band used subversive conventions to attract a wider demographic group, proven by the figures. They also relied on the fact that as a well established band, many of their audience will have built a personal relationship with the band and will therefore not be alienated by the more "romantic" line of address.
Zahra Yaquob 11F
Mr Darby
Media Studies
Word count: 1,332

I have chosen a cover which meets many of the typical conventions, with the possible exception of instruments not being visible.
My Chemical Romance are a rock/metal band formed in 2001. Their album covers have typically adhered to fairly stereotypical codes and conventions. Below are their previous albums that adhere to the stereotypical codes and conventions.
The iconography of the couple as the main image is that it connotes death, dying love, and toxins. The iconography subverts the typical conventions of the hybrid genre because you would normally see an image that is centered around the band .

The typography used for the cover is a newspaper cut out style in white. The color white connotes purity, innocence, and heaven which juxtaposes the iconography because it is denoting death and bloodshed.
3. Analysis of My Chemical Romance album (Main Text)
The shot type is a close up which connotes intimacy which subverts the typical conventions of the genre. All there are no band members on the cover or musical instruments which further makes it subversive.
The mis-en-scene is isolated and bare with only the couple being present. This connotes isolation and solitude adhering to the conventions of the genre.
Linkin Park are not adhering to many of the rock conventions alluded to in my introduction, but we are relying on their audience growing with them and having a personal relationship with their "brand".
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