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The Suitcase Lady

No description


on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Suitcase Lady

Suitcase Lady
By Christine McLaren

Often literary devices such as similes and metaphors are used as tools to describe.
Connects words with pictures
Description Essay
Sometimes a thesis is used to help the reader grasp the point of the essay.
Using short and strong words from everyday life makes for a more vivid description.
Often literary devices such as similes and metaphors are used as tools to describe.
Word choice is important because it can convey the right feeling for the text, many times using a dictionary and thesaurus can help find the “right” word.
Text written with strong, simple and well-chosen words can say more than text with complicated and vague words.
of the essay is found in paragraph 21: “
She cares passionately about the young, the old and the ones who suffer. So who take care of the suitcase lady?”
main idea
show that some people take what they have for granted
The essay is also meant to change society’s view of the homeless population. It’s purpose is to allow people to empathize with a homeless person rather than to judge them.
2. The writer shows a liberal frame of reference throughout the piece.
She seems to
the reform of society.
the author describes the poor living conditions of the suitcase lady.
3. As a group we agree with the writer’s point of view.
the truth is the truth and it cannot be changed.
Why ?
Suitcase Lady
is based on a true story
Night after night, the woman with the
hair and the
dress sits in the harsh light of a 24-hour doughnut shop on Queen Street West.”
The following literary devices connect the reader’s five senses. They are effective in helping the reader to connect to and understand the suitcase lady’s life.
Literary Devices
"Somewhere in her bleary eyes and in the deep lines of her face is a story that probably no one will ever really know.”
“She has swollen ankles and, with no socks in her boots, she has blisters.”

“She’s the suitcase lady of Queen Street”
Is an example of a euphemism. It protects the lady from judgment because many times, homeless people are judged for making poor decisions in life. When the author uses the term “suitcase lady” she is encouraging the reader to use a different point of view.
“With her words she spins herself a cocoon.”
This quote is an example
of an allegory. The
reader knows that
the lady is not truly spinning a
cocoon, but
is rather imagining she is reinventing
She is dreaming she had a better life and
is crea
ting a new world for herself. This draws similarities to caterpillars when they spin cocoons in order to transition into a butterfly.
“Her hands are big, rough, farmer’s hands.”
an example of a metaphor. The suitcase lady is not actually a farmer, but the author is describing them to be alike.
“As for money, “I bum on the street. I don’t like it, but I have to. I have to survive. The only pleasure I got is my cigarette.“ She lights another one. “It’s not a life.”
This is both an example of both allegory and a paradox. The suitcase lady is literally surviving but she is not being allowed to enjoy living. This seems contradictory but shows some true meaning. She is not living the life that the majority of people living in Toronto as given the opportunity to live.
This essay appeals to us emotionally because as the reader we feel sympathy towards the homeless woman in the story named Vicomtesse Antonia The Linday’s.
the fact that the woman is sixty years old and is living on the streets.
What this essay did was bring our
back to
and show that not everybody lives that luxurious
that there are people in our society who unfortunately never really get the chance to live a comfortable life
7. What we think is the most effective point in the essay is the part that states “ As for
, I bum on the street. I
don’t like it
but I
have to.
have to survive.
The only
I got is my cigarette.” She lights another one “
its not life
shows just how
much the woman is willing
to do something she h
ates in order to survive
and it also
shows how much the woman has lost the value of hope in her life
that we should really cherish all the things we have in life
What this essay did was show us that not every single homeless person we see on the street is one of these
but could actually just be someone who has had a very
difficult life
and has been pushed towards the
unfortunate circumstances
of becoming homeless.
One point in this article that triggers
with other works we have read such as “The lord of the flies” and “Macbeth” is that idea of
innocence or loss of innocence.
The part of this essay that shows innocence is the part where Vicomtesse pulls the tiara out of her suitcase and proudly puts it on her head like a little girl.
of innocence
When we think of children or just remembering our
alone we realise that when we were very young we had absolutely
no worries
and would just try to
everything in
But now that we are older we have been exposed to the evils and sorrow of the world and often worry about little such as homework, school, jobs, families etc.

The method of development
this essay was description
it really
helps paint a picture
in the reader’s
of what the woman goes through on a day to day basis.
The essay is addressed to society as a whole.
Collectively, the population of Toronto, Ontario is being
their ways of
toward homeless
homeless is often thought of as the person’s
poor decisions in life
but the author’s
goal is to change that perspective.

“Her suitcase is full of dreams”
example of a connotation
because the

is that her suitcase is full of things she
she could have or be such as the tiara
a richer life. Her suitcase does not literally contain dreams.
“Questions about missing bar lines she tosses aside.”

example of connotation
She is not actually tossing aside the questions, but merely dismissing them.

“She digs in her suitcase again, almost shyly, and produces a round plastic box. Out of it emerges a tiara. Like a little girl, she smooths back her dirty hair and proudly puts it on No one in the doughnut shop seems to notice.”
symbolism and a simile
The author is
a small girl to the suitcase lady because she is proud of her tiara. The tiara could also be
of the wealthier life the suitcase lady
the entire
, the author
forms of imagery
the Suitcase Lady and the
in which the story is taking place. Some examples of the description method used within the essay include:
“A sturdy coat covers her dress and worn leather boots are on her feet. But her big legs are bare and chapped and she has a ragged cough.” and “in warm weather, she passes her time at the big square in front of City Hall. When it’s cold she takes her suitcase west to the doughnut shop.”
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