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Goats Skeletal System

By: Esteban Osornio

Ashley Yeager

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Goats Skeletal System

Goats Skeletal System Bone Functions To give the goat shape
To act as a lever
To store minerals
To be the site for blood formation Categories Consists of the ribs, skull, and vertebral column. Axial Skeleton Made up of the bones of the limbs Appendicular Skeleton Long
Irregular Goats are one of the few animals that have bones on the outside of the skin
They use horns for fighting, communicating, and to cool themselves Horns The End Long bones are longer than they are wide. Long Bones Short bones are as wide as they are long Short Bones Flat Bones Flat bones are bones that are expanded into broad, flat plates such as the skull, pelvis, and rib cage Irregular bones have an awkward form but have many purposes in the body such as protection of nervous tissue. Irregular Bones These bones are found where a tendon passes over a joint such as the knee. Sesamoid Bones These are bones that contain air filled spaces Pneumatic Bones
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