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The Prince and the Pauper

By Sarah W.

Sarah Wilson

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Prince and the Pauper

The Prince and the Pauper The Prince His name is Edward Tudor. He is the son of the king. Which makes him the prince of Whales. His mother is dead, and he has two sisters: Lady Elizabeth, and Lady Mary. The book also mentions his cousin, Lady Jane Grey. The Pauper His name is Tom Canty. He is very very poor.His grandmother and father are mean, they beat and abuse him. His mother however, is kind. His twin sisters take after their mother. Summary Exposition Characters: Tom and Edward
Setting: The palace, Offal court, and all around London
Time: Somewhat ancient Rising Actions -The soldiers mock Edward
-Everyone thinks Tom is the real prince gone insane
-The king dies
-Edward meets Tom's family who think that he is Tom gone insane
-Edward meets Miles Hendon
-Tom saves the woman and her child
Edward sees the baptist women killed
-Tom denies knowing his mother Complication When Tom and Edward switch clothes, they are mistaken for each other. They both live each others lives and want to get back to their own. Climax Right before Tom is crowned king of Englad, He sees Edward in the crowd, and Edward tells everyone he is the king of England. Falling actions -Edward is asked where they can find the great seal
-Tom tries to make Edward remember where it is
-Edward finally remembers, and they find the seal
-Tom said he used it to crack nuts Resolution Edward is crowned king, and Tom becomes the kings ward. Tom Canty and Edward Tudor both live in London. Edward is the prince of Whales, and Tom is pauper.Tom's dream is to meet the prince. His dream comes true one day, and Tom and Edward switch clothes. They look exactly alike, and everyone thinks they are each other. Tom and Edward have to live the others life, and want to get back to their own life.
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