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Tessa Virtanen

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of unicef

The use of blue color in the UNICEF logo stands for approachability, prosperity and grace of the organization, whereas the white color depicts nobility, peace and purity.
UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is the world's most influential children's organization. They work for the children of nationality, religion or political belief. UNICEF has been working for over 60 years and now they works more than 190 countries.
"For Every Child" is a UNICEF video which tells the rights of children.
UNICEF work is based on the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child. The main objective is of fundamental rights: health, education, equality and protection for giving all children.
UNICEF was created to help the children of Europe after World War II in 1946.
The organization employs over 10 000 people.
Organization's leader is Anthony Lake.
UNICEF headquarters is located in New York.
UNICEF organization gets all of their money in donations from governments and private people.
UNICEF fights against malnutrition in many simple ways
One in four children in the world suffer from malnutrition, which endangers a child's life and development.
Malnutrition is the cause of about three million child deaths every year.
We chosen to made this UNICEF presentation because we think UNICEF is making really important work in the world.
UNICEF protects the millions of children who suffer from violence and abuse every day.
UNICEF is one of the world's most important emergency aid givers.
UNICEF help developing countries to build educational systems that ensure all children free, quality basic education. They make sure that the most vulnerable children get to teaching.
They change practices that prevent children's access to school.
In 1990, about 102 million children fell outside of the school, but in 2011 just 57 million children.
UNICEF has had an important role in the global child and mothers health promotion for nearly 70 years. They make improvements in all areas of health, in 155 countries.
There are so many little things what you can do to help developing countries.
You can think which things or electric appliances are important to you. We promise that you don't need all of them.
Source: http://famouslogos.net/unicef-logo/
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