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Gloria Hollander Lyon

No description

Vanessa Lamb

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Gloria Hollander Lyon

Gloria Hollander Lyon: A survivor of the Holocaust. Her miraculous story.
Gloria was born January 20, 1930 and survived seven different camps during the Holocaust.
Lyon and those in her household lived originally in Czechoslovakia.
She lived with her mother and father, along with her grandmother and five siblings: Josef, Michael, Sandor, Victor, and Anna.
Life Before The War
Before the war life was great.
The family owned a store where Lyon worked along with tending to animals on the farm in which they lived.
When the Nuremberg Laws were enforced, things changed.
Her family became Hungarian and were greatly discriminated.
Background Information
Her family was taken away from their farm along with all their belongings at the age of 14.
They were sent on cattle cars for many hours on their ride to Auschwitz.
When they got there they were separated, young from old, boys from girls.
Therefore, Gloria, Anna, and their mother remained together for a potion of their time.
Havoc Strikes
Once at the camps, Gloria came eye to eye with doctor Mengele.
Gloria, at first, survived the gas chambers.
Her head was shaved and she was tattooed number A-6374
She was sent to sort the clothes and possessions of incoming prisoners right near gas chamber 4 where her and her sister constantly saw people being put into the chambers, but never coming out.
The Wittness of Murder
Inside a gas chamber
However, this didn't last for too long; Gloria Lyon was later sent to the gas chambers due to a small rash discovered on her body.
Her and various other girls were put onto trucks sending them first to an infirmary.
Then later, the trucks loaded up the girls to transport them to the gas chambers.
In quick thoughts for an escape from death, the young girl jumped from the vehicle and hid all night in a culvert.
A Quick Escape
A culvert: type of area Gloria slept in during her night of hiding.
She was completely naked in the freezing snow for 24 hours with no food or clothing.
However, the adrenaline and numbness kept her from feeling most of that pain.
Gloria could hear German soldiers searching for her but was never found.
At nightfall she wondered miles to a different barrack where she found other woman sleeping in bunk-beds. They provided her with clothing.
The Climax of Her Journey
The bunks prisoners were provided with
Luckily, she was transported with them to several camps and was never killed.
Gloria Lyon worked as a slave.
She did hard labor, cleaned bomb debris, and was also forced to make gas masks.
This was needed to clean up and keep soldiers safe from bombings and war.
The young lady was released in 1945 by the Swedish Red Cross after convincing Himmler to let a few prisoners leave; this included Gloria.
The Liberation
Red Cross Transport to Freedom Bus
After the War
After the war, she reconnected with her family most of whom miraculously survived.
When she was finally free, Gloria Lyon moved to the United States where she married and had a family.
Because of her bad conditions and unhealthy work, she suffered spinal and shoulder problems even after the Holocaust.
Gloria received 20 surgeries on these areas before finally healed.
Gloria Hollander Lyon lives happily today in San Francisco, California.
Gloria preaching her storing many years later; she's using a walker due to her back injuries.
Seven Total Camps
***NOTE: When Gloria Lyon was liberated she was in horrible condition. The strong individual was pushed to freedom on a stretcher. Lyon explains, "I had sores all over my legs from severe malnutrition and vitamin deficiency. They refused to heal. My body had no healing power anymore." It wasn't until many months later when Gloria's wounds finally healed.
CAMPS GLORIA SURVIVED: Auschwitz, Bergen, Braunschweig, Hanover, Hambourg, Beendorf, and Ravensbruck.
Gloria showing her tattoo
Dr. Mengele:
A Concentration camp:
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