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Steve paxton

No description

Erica Strickland

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Steve paxton

came from...
Early background was in gymnastics
in the early 60's he was a dancer for the Jose Limon Company
performed with Merce Cunningham
was a founding member of Judson Dance Theatre
contact improv...
used as a choreographing and teaching tool
this gave way to an expansive genre, being taught all over
ways to find new choreography
most characteristic form of post-modern dance
what makes it up...
focuses on bodily awareness
physical contact gives way to exploring oneself and partner
reflexes instead of pre decided movements
Steve Paxton solo from 1997 at Oberlin College
example...1972 improv
what he gave us...
the most valuable thing Paxton gave the dance world was Contact Improv
he wanted to breakdown barriers between dancers and non-dancers
he was trying to get away from "dictatorship" teaching to more suggestion and collaboration
Steve paxton
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