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Prob & Stats Final Project

No description

Sam Sacuta

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Prob & Stats Final Project

By: Sam Sacuta and Kristina Lazzara Prob & Stats The Data Mean, Median, and Mode Pie Chart First Period Class Pie Chart 2 Hours of Sleep Stem and Leaf Graph Hours of Sleep Pareto Chart First Period Class Box and Whiskers Quantitative IQR 17-0=17 Top end of box - bottom end of box Mode: Band
Median: None
Mean: None Quantitative Mode: 6
Median: 7
Mean: 6.66 Range and Standard Deviation Range: 6 Standard Deviation: 1.26 The range, standard deviation, and IQR (see: box and whiskers) show us that certain numbers skew the data, and show us the tendency/range in which the data will fall in. Mode best represents the data for our qualitative data because we can't get any other information, but for our quantitative data our mean represents it the best because it shows the average hour of sleep people get. Histograms Qualitative Quantitative Histograms Quantitative Data The histogram peaks at 6 hours of sleep. There are no gaps in the histogram. It is skewed to the left. Other Stuff Chebychev's 93.7% of the data will be between 3.66 and 9.66. 1.26 x 3 = 3.78 Data that could be outliers: Woodworking and Band students People who get 3 hours of sleep What We Found Out The Questions What is your first period class? How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Sampling Method We used the convenience method to get our data. We asked 50 students in the school the questions in a survey-like manner. We found out that most of the people we surveyed had band as a first period class. The order went Band, Gym, AP Psych, English, Graphic Arts, Prob & Stats, Biology, Consumer Ed, Geometry, and Woodworking. We also found out most of them slept about 6 hours a night, then 7, then 8, 9, 5, 3, and 4 hours per night. Qualitative First Period Class The End!
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