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Self- and Peer- Assessment

No description

paulette alcox

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Self- and Peer- Assessment

Self- and Peer- Assessment
Peer Assessment
How can I get started?
Peer Assessment
What needs to be put into place in order for this to happen?
Agree or Disagree?
How are the different forms of feedback similar?
How are they different?
Self Assessment
"The good news is, if you have made the intended learning clear to students and have had them practice self-assessment as you have given descriptive feedback, the transition to accurately evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their own work won't be difficult."
- Chappuis, 2009, p.96
Think about a time when you received helpful feedback...
What aspects of the
made it helpful/ unhelpful?
What aspects of the
made it helpful/
Awareness of the value of self-assessment
Access to the clear criteria on which to base the assessment
A specific task or performance to assess
Models of self-assessment
Direct instruction in and assistance with self-assessment
Cues regarding when it is appropriate to self-assess, and
Opportunities to revise and improve the task or performance
Andrade, 2011, p.10
Think about a time when you received unhelpful feedback...
Let's have a look!
Let's make a list...
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