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Plastic Bags A parasitic Habit

No description

April Martinez

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Plastic Bags A parasitic Habit

Plastic Bags History Problem Negative Impacts Is there A solution? http://www.abagslife.com/recycle-centers-by-zip/?distance%5Bpostal_code%5D=79927&distance%5Bsearch_distance%5D=10&distance%5Bsearch_units%5D=mile&=Search Discovered & Patented by Sten Gustaf Thulin

Flexible, Durable, Low cost, re-usable Sanitize transportation of foods Since the invention there have been trillions of bags that were used once.

Recongnize it as a problem.

Follow our foreign relatives
-Plastic bans

Smart consumers
-Supply & Demand
-Change Habits
-Recycle plastic bags in storage

In the long run. .
A small step to a green revolution
Reduce.Recycle.Re-use A Parasitic habit Retailers THe over manufacturing of Plastic Bags.
-Personal use items

The lack of recycling efforts Prices
Affects the prices of Items sold by stores
Foreign oil/ Gas prices

-30 Mil. Plastic bags = 12 Million barrels of Oil (1 yr) -Rensselaer County. Enviornmentalists upstate NY. Pollution Air

Takes an average polythene bag 1000 Years to decompose.

Posionous Toxins from Plastics used affect our well being

Marine Life

Ocean Marine Life Negative
Economicaly, enviornmentaly, Well being Who Benefits ?
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