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The Rebirth - Mega YA 2013

No description

Mega YA

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of The Rebirth - Mega YA 2013

The Rebirth - Mega YA 2013
Mega YA
Our mission is to be a diverse, empowering force of faith- driven young adults who impact the community through outreach, evangelism and spiritual development.

What we want: Increase, Awareness, Positive Impact
What we see now: A disconnect
How do we want to do it:
Street Evangelism
Community events, festivals
Random acts of kindness
College Campuses
Videography/Event Video Diary
Communication with leadership
Communication with ministries

As the future of Mega Church we are COMMITTED to advancing the vision!! We WANT to see more people that look like us! In order to do so,
we have to engage our peers through events, community outreach, and a creative marketing strategy. We have to show the world that living for Christ is NOT BORING!!!
With these processes/programs in place, we can
Community Outreach
How Can Mega Help
Invite US to HELP
Invite, Invite, Invite
Reverse Mentoring
We will need the use of vans for various events outside of Mega
Streamlined process
work with the office to make the process of creating events as smooth as possible
How Can Mega Help
Become more involved in Friday night services
One YA will be praying at 6:55-7p every Friday
Once a month Friday Youth Night Service
YA Worship team
Unite Cleveland
The Transition
Leadership Luncheon
Creative Events
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