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A-Roll It Baby

A quick discussion of "a-roll" for the purposes of teaching students how to compose video stories.

Jill Falk

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of A-Roll It Baby

Flickr: Philocrites
The Script: Interviews, Stand-Ups, Natural Sound, Voice Tracks
Video: shots, sequences, composition
Organize the
material into a
creative video
Interviews: "The Sound Bite"
Try and elicit emotional quotes
Sound Bite: "The firemen did a good job today."
Use the facts from interviews to help construct your voice tracks
Voice Track: "Firefighters responded within six minutes."
Getting Good Sound Bites: Emotional v. Factual
SHOW the audience something
Have a RELEVANT background
BRIDGE the story from one point to the next
SHOWCASE the reporter and enhance his or her credibility
Ask the person to:
Give an example
Interviewing for Sound Bites: Ask Open-Ended Questions
Include the reporter's recorded narration
Weave together facts in the story and the sound bites
Introduce the speaker of your sound bites
Are written in
broadcast style
Voice Tracks
Requires conversational tone
Uses short, declarative sentences
Spells every word out--no symbols or abbreviations used
Broadcast Style
Other Powerful Tools:
Tip: Write your story as if you are speaking to your Mom or your best friend!
Anatomy of a Video Package: Wenztville Fire LUTV
Recorded as ambient sound of an event
Should always be present in b-roll--
it's unnatural to see video of a scene and not hear it
Can be used as a-roll with the right writing techniques
Natural Sound (NATS)
The use of "nat sound" separates the professionals from the amateurs.
On to the next one...
Jill Falk
Associate Professor of Communications
Lindenwood University
A-Roll It, BABY!
Two types of video packages for the Web:
A "Nat" package
Has no reporter voice, the story is told through the interviews and natural sound only.
A reporter voice track package
Has the reporter's voice, interviews, a stand-up, and natural sound.
Both have B-roll, of course!
"Nat" package example (courtesy Bob Gould of MSU)
Standard Reporter PKG with Voice tracks and Stand-Up
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