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What is the averge dog life-span?

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Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of What is the averge dog life-span?

What is a dog year?
A dog year has about 52 days each year.
1 human year is 7 dog years .
Do dogs have telepathy?
There's no proven fact that dogs do or don't have telepahty . Some people say yes, others say no.
How much better can dogs hear than humans?
What was the oldest dog?
The oldest dog was an Australian cattle dog at 29 years and 5 months old.
Most dogs live up to 10 to 15 years old.
mackenzie wallace
What is the averge dog life-span ?

Large breed dogs are considered old at 8or 9 years old
dogs can hear 2 times better than humans.
They can also hear sounds 4 times farther than the average human can.
here are some pictures
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